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So I recently lost my job and decided to try my luck on Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 and hopefully make a few bucks. Well, I’m learning, that’s good news. The bad news… Well, I can’t really sum that up in one sentence let alone one quick blog here. In short, I’ve been wading through piles of garbage and, maybe, I’ll find a gem every 40 hours of time invested. Part one begins now.

I started with surveys so that’s what I will discuss first. Surveys seemed like a logical place to begin and who isn’t thrilled by the idea of getting paid to give your opinion. Google here I come. So I typed in a couple “key” words and off I went. I found a couple of sites that promised immediate returns. All they wanted was my name, address, email, and maybe a phone number. No credit card – that was a plus. After completing registration nearly every survey site had some sort of $5 bonus for completing a “get to know you” section. Almost every site I found out of about 20 or so was identical to this format. Create an account profile – get money credited to you(or “points” which often worked like money but were sometimes only redeemable for gift cards, etc).

Sadly the “surveys” were essentially Internet affiliates that were being paid to advertise for other companies. They would get paid X amount from Y company, and pay you X-$1 if you sign up through their links. So, in reality, you’re not making any money at all. You’re merely being redirected through a site that’s offering a “coupon.”

Now you may ask, “Well what about that $5 bonus you got for registration?” Well, that money is coming from…you guessed it…your information (I imagine this information is being sold or traded). But also remember you haven’t gotten paid yet. Even if it says your account has $5 in it. Nearly every site, I’m not dignifying them with a name or a link because I’m that disgusted – contact me for a list of sites to avoid, requires you to accrue a certain amount of money before you can cash out(minus processing fees) so this leaves you with only a few real options.

First, you can brute force it. You can buy all that stuff on there that you were hopefully going to buy anyway and accumulate some cash that way. If you weren’t going to buy it anyway, you’re wasting your time and money. Then when you hit $30 or $50 you cash out.

Second, you can read about 20 paid emails a day at $.02 a pop and cash out in 6 months. You might be able to get this down to a month or so if you actually try to complete some real “surveys.” Like I said though, the surveys are misleading at best. Although most offers were simple, buy this and get $X, some were actual surveys or questionnaires. Unfortunately, demographics are your worst friend. Any survey from any company can be terminated at any time because you like this drink or that drink, or you like brand X instead of brand Y. They don’t need to tell you why. You’ve already completed 15 minutes of the survey and, if you’re human, at this point you probably feel used and manipulated. I’m sure all that unused information is going right into the garbage.

But if you finish the survey and manage to net $3.00/hour, congratulations. Furthermore, if you’ve managed to skirt the lines of at least two different Disclosure Agreements, if you haven’t had your account banned for failing to read paid emails, you haven’t had an aneurysm from stress, you met the minimum cash balance, and and and… Basically there’s a lot working against you.

Well, you did it though and you’re getting your check. Yes, you are…two months from now. Seriously. Even if you did it all for money and you reached the finish line – you have to keep doing it or that check will never come! Part 2 is coming and I’ll talk about the few good(and free!) sites I found.

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