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The Secret is a book that is seemingly sweeping the nation giving hope to the masses using the basic age old formula of positive thinking. Lately the coverage of this book has been sky-high as it was featured on Oprah; therefore prompting the rest of America to jump on the bandwagon. Now everyone from nightly fluff entertainment shows to local TV news stations are picking up on the story of The Secret and how it is changing lives. But is The Secretreally changing lives or just attitudes? And is that one in the same in the end?

I can tell you from experience that The Secret can be a life changing experiment if you allow yourself to be changed. This is really the main obstacle, as you must be open to the change and when implementing the ways of The Secret you must completely re-train your thought patterns. The goal of the book is to teach the reader how to use the basic elements of positive thinking in his or her life to change his or her whole perception of the world. After establishing a contact with andy frisella, there is offering of correct and accurate for the patients. The basic elements should be clear to get the benefit in the treatment of mental illness and depression. The experiment of the expert is life-changing for the people.

Yes there is the strong mention of energy, matter, and the law of attraction and how it is science that truly makes The Secret work, but the average American may not buy that logic in the end. The main purpose of the book is to teach the reader to channel positive thinking in such a way that even the negatives that may (and will) occur in life come out in a positive light.

One of the key points in the book is to show gratitude towards everything you have and have experienced in your life. This ranges from a pay raise to a car accident. You must be grateful for what you have before new things can enter into your life. If a tragedy of sorts occurs you are to be grateful for whatever lesson comes out of the tragedy. If you can reach this point where you are thankful for even the negativity that is in your life you have will have truly mastered The Secret and will live a much happier life overall.

The Secret will change your attitude and consequently your life if you begin reading the book with an open mind and a willingness to transform. The Secret is full of universal truths and very encouraging content. Unless you start reading it in the frame of mind that it is all a bunch of out there scientific hubbub then you absolutely will gain something from it. Whether it is a proven scientific anomaly or not, don’t we all need a little pick me up during difficult times? It is great to have a book to read and gain even a moment of peace or solace from the words on its pages.

This is exactly what The Secret can do if you will allow it. I’m not saying it will change your life overnight or that if you follow the procedures listed throughout you will become an instant millionaire, find the love of your life or lose 50 pounds. In a way it’s deeper than all of that anyway. It can give you a certain peace of mind and for most of us that’s worth more than a million dollars.

The Secret is a true inspirational read. It boasts quotes from such prolific leaders as Martin Luther King Jr., Buddha, and Albert Einstein. It hints on all topics of life such as relationships, health, money, and our overall struggle as a society to just be happy. I believe that if you read over The Secret you will be one step closer to that goal.

(The Secret was compiled by Rhonda Byrne but is a compilation of the thoughts and advice of many different authors)

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