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Volleyball is the epitome of cool sports and is good for one’s health as well. Although casual volleyball is fun, professional volleyball requires an immense amount of practice, technique, and dedication. Volleyball professionals have to learn several moves to master volleyball. Afloat serve is one very important tool for good volleyball playing.

At times, a float serves works completely in one’s favour and makes the tables turn. For instance, when playing in a gym, a float serve is the best move because it does not have a spin. Almost like playing Judi online, a small move can turn the tables.

What are some good tips for having a good float serve?

Float serve is a very smart move, and it is essential for volleyball players to master it. When practising a float serve, air catches the ball and moves it in various directions. It all depends upon how the player touches the ball. One can follow these simple steps, and with practice, float serve would surely be mastered.

  • The player needs to begin with a starting position with the ball in left palm for right-handed ones and left-handed ones, the ball needs to be held on the right palm. Next up the player needs to place the ball’s airhole on their palm, because the airhole being the ball’s heaviest part, it being at the bottom enables the ball to float.
  • Next, when serving or striking the ball, the player needs to have a stiff and firm pal. The firmness should be like clapping. Thus one can also practice on one’s firmness of strike by striking hands together like in a clap.
  • Next and most important step is to hit the middle portion of the backside of the ball and that too with the middle of one’s The motive is to strike the ball and immediately pull back.

With these simple steps, anyone can easily master a float serve.

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