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Not including Facebook Profiles where you connect with friends through chat and status updates, if you are using Facebook for business purposes, you can create either a page or a group. A page can be liked and those who like it will receive your status updates. A group on the other hand is more community-based. Which one you choose depends on what you want to do with your business on Facebook.

In many ways, a page is a profile but there are distinctions that are essential. The main one being that Facebook Pages are by definition “public”. Anyone can see then, rate then, join them and like them. It requires no approval on your behalf so people can connect with your business as quick as they can get on Facebook and find your page. A page is a great marketing tool because is completely free and can reach a well-targeted market. It will require maintenance to grow into a great marketing tool for you though. Many automated tools can help you achieve this.

First, you must login to your Facebook Profile (or just go to link if you don’t have one) and then go to Facebooks Page Creation Page. When you get here, you must think to yourself what category your business fits into out of the ones Facebook makes available, sometimes it’s not so obvious. Most tend to fall into the ‘Brand or Product’ category. Getting this right is important because your page will rank under that term in search results.

Most of the time your business name should be what you enter into the ‘Page Name’ box but this is your choice. Consider what will most likely make people click onto your link and choose that name. Now click ‘Create Page’ at the bottom. The using of social media platform will offer the desired results for the development of the business. The training of the people can try here to get the desired benefits. 

You will be taken to your new blank Facebook Page. Take time to fill this out now, making sure to make information short and to the point so that people stick around and read what you have to say. I find it useful to focus on telling them immediately how they will benefit by following your page.

When you are ready to put your page in the public domain, click ‘Publish’. Because you are the administrator of the page, you do not have to worry that your name will show up on the page because it doesn’t. Whenever you interact through this page, you will have your name appear as your companies name so people know it’s actually you. The only time your name shows up is if you like a status update or someone else’s comment.

By default you are not a “fan” of the page even though you created and are administering the page. You should still like your own page as it will show in your news feed to all your friends and help you get on your way.

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