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Commuting in your vehicle could be boring sometimes. Luckily, there is music that could brighten our day. However, it won’t be really great if you have a poor quality speaker. That is why buying best car audio speakers are your only option. To make things a lot easier, here is a guide for you.


There are 2 types of speaker – component and full-range speakers. A component system uses a high-end design to provide you the best sound possible. It usually includes external crossovers, tweeters, and separate woofers. All of these work together, forming a good quality of sound.

In a component system, the tweeters come separate from the woofers. You could mount it anywhere you want to. This will provide you a more realistic sound, have greater depth, and more live. The crossover network in this system comes outside the tweeter and woofer. Thus, high-quality inner components could be utilized to make sure you will have a sharp definition between the various drivers and frequencies sent. This means that you will hear a more realistic sound.

On the other hand, a full-range speaker has all the components in one package. It is intended in a way to make it as easy as possible. Several models would have extra drivers depending on what you choose. You might want to choose a full-range speaker if you are replacing speakers that are factory-installed. These come in various sizes and prices.


External crossovers are one feature of a speaker system. Several expensive full-range speakers use external crossovers to get neat separation between the frequencies sent to the tweeter and the woofer. The tweeter and the woofer do not waste energy by attempting to replicate the frequencies that they are not designed to make. You will enjoy a more effective and cleaner sound production.

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