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So, it’s been a while since my last blog post. So many wonderful things have happened these last few weeks. Has anyone felt the same way? Of course, Social Media continues to amaze me! It’s so powerful…especially if you know how to use it. Social Media is constantly changing every day, so you need to be consistent otherwise it will bite you in the bum! For the involvement of the right efforts, a website is created to purchase the YouTube subscribers. After a click at this website, real and accurate information is provided to the interested people. The answer is given with skills and intelligence. 

Speaking of consistency, you have no idea how many times I have come across that word in the last few weeks. That word seemed to be coming across many conversations this last little while that I just had to post about it. As many of you probably know, consistency is key in order to effectively utilize Social Media. Think of Social Media as a plant. A plant begins to grow at the roots and as you keep watering it, it continues to grow and grow. However, if you stop watering it, even for a day, it starts to dry out and then eventually it will die and lose the momentum of ever growing into a beautiful, more livelier plant. Perhaps a beautiful rose bush. Now, think about Social Media and the power of consistency behind it. Right now, Social Media is co nstantly growing…it started as a tiny seedling and now, as we keep ‘watering’ it, we will begin to educate and engage prospects and it will just continue to grow from there. That’s what consistency is all about. Educate. Interact. Engage. Be consistent at all three points and you will be successful. 

However, did you know that, as an entrepreneur, you need to constantly engage at least 10 minutes per day, without fail? Why? Simply put..Social Media is your seedling…it is your opportunity to sow…what do you want to do with it? Are you going to help it grow or are you just going to let it dry out and disperse? Social Media is an ever changing environment and it constantly craves even more attention every day. Maybe you don’t have the time to focus particularly on your online presence and that’s ok. We understand. That’s why you contract companies, such as ours to oversee your online presence for you. However, as a simple rule of thumb: you must be a part of your online presence as well. Social Media is a mutual engagement between both parties…we are a team. If a prospect attempts communication with you regarding your services, then you must communicate back. I mean, let’s face it. You know your business a heck of a lot better than any Social Media team out there. We deliver the leads…you take the next step and follow up with them. That’s the bottom line. Social Media is about mutually and actively participating in the engagement of online prospects.

If, for some reason, you just can’t commit to engagement, then maybe Social Media is not for you. It’s that simple. You forward us fresh, new content. We deliver it. We give you prospects. You follow up. Plain and simple.

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