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In order for a company to attract more investors, throughout the year, several investment firms hold conferences that are open to attendance from different companies. Usually, these conferences or meetings would generally be focused on a single industry. It could be banking, information technology, telecommunications, oil and gas, industrial and so on. This is a chance for a company to present their portfolio and products to potential investors.

The event is usually hosted by several analysts from the investment firm. The companies who will join the conference would be represented by top executives such as their Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Unlike other conferences, the company is usually just represented by one or two executives. The investment firm, typically the one who underwrote their IPO, would be represented by the analyst who is assigned to that company.

The analyst shall start the presentation with introductions of the company, or companies, and the executives. The executives will then open up with a brief introduction about their company and what their products and services are. But most importantly, they would present their potential as a market leader in that particular industry and what they offer compared to their competition. What are their products? Does it show potential for good growth? How is this better than the others in the market?

They also have a chance to show off their balance sheets to attract more investors. This is usually presented in more detail by the CFO if he is the company representative for the particular conference. They could present their growth margins, earnings per share, recent earnings and other achievements. They could even bring visual aids such as presentation slides or videos.

After the formal presentation, they would open it up for a brief Q A; session. This is a chance for the analysts and potential investors, if they would allow it, to ask questions. This is much like the companies’ periodic earnings conference calls. However, most of the time, the analyst will be the only one asking questions. It is possible that before the conference begins, you could slip in your question to the analyst so that he/she could ask it for you, especially if it’s relevant and very important. Investment is no joke. It is something that should be taken seriously. Considering a lot of factors is really important. This will help you choose the right platform to invest in. You can look online for some helpful tips and strategies.

Company presentations usually last for about half an hour and could take longer or shorter, depending on the number of companies, the presentation itself and the number of questions. Looking at it from a different point of view, this is much like a job interview where the company is the applicant and the investors are the employers. They have to put their best foot forward to attract and ultimately, bring in more capital to the company. And remember, sometimes, due to the number of companies that are presenting, each company may only be given just a few minutes to present.

Nevertheless, if you’re an investor and you’re looking for a company where you could potentially invest your money, and hopefully grow it amidst the risks and uncertainties, this is a great avenue to know the different companies in the industry that you choose. Just remember, there is always a potential for growth or loss.

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