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Many of us have a common goal, which is to look slim and healthy especially during the summer months which is why Nutrisystem is one effective and affordable diet plan. You can follow this link here to learn all about the Nutrisystem cost as well. After having two babies I’ve gotten very creative on how to at least look slimmer until I can reach my goal weight again. For those of you who are like me, carrying around an extra 50 pounds or more, you can certainly benefit from this information.

1). Stand Tall. One of the most important things you can do to look thinner is to maintain good posture. Always strive to sit or stand up straight and make it a habit. Slouching shows rolls more easily and can make you look 10 pounds heavier. Keep your back straight and suck in your stomach. For me, this took a while to implement because I am very tall and I feel as though I tower over people. This was just something I had to get over because slouching just made me look frumpy.

2). Wear Black. You may not be able to wear all black of course or wear too much black in the summer because it attracts the sun. Yet, wearing black can be one of your best weapons to hide figure flaws. Lane Bryant has a line of clothing called “right fit”. They carry black dress pants, which are very figure-flattering, and one of their associates can help you to find your perfect fit. You can wear these pants with a nice blouse tailored to your shape, which you can also find at Lane Bryant. Black skirts can also help you to look slimmer depending on your shape. They tend to look slimming on women if they are long, and they usually work well for women who carry more weight in their stomachs rather than around their thighs. It all depends, but you never know how you will look until you try it on. Even just a plain black dress can do wonders for your shape.

3). Avoid horizontal stripes! These patterns tend to make a person look much larger than they actually are. They go across your body making everything appear wider. However, on the other end of the spectrum vertical stripes (up and down) help you to look longer and leaner.

4). Avoid baggy clothing. Some people think that wearing clothing that is too baggy will help to hide their flaws. In reality, baggy clothes can also make you look bigger. It is best to find the perfect balance of clothing that is not too tight or baggy but fits your figure nicely. Bulky heavy fabrics like sweaters can also have the same effect.

5). Choose monochromatic clothing. When you wear the same color or pattern from head to toe this can help to hide bulges, giving you the appearance of a trimmer body.

6). Play up your best features. If you have luscious full lips or big beautiful eyes do things to play up those features to draw attention to your best assets. By drawing attention to your best features you help to take the attention away from your flaws. Remember to be balanced though you don’t want to look like a clown either by wearing too much eye shadow.

7). Choose figure-flattering styles. Bootleg or flare jeans tend to help make a woman look taller and thinner. Jeans that go straight up and down and have no shape can make you look bulky in the midsection because your ankles tend to look very small. The mom jeans don’t work because they make pear-shaped women look more round. Boot cut jeans are great for shorter women because they also help to make the legs appear longer.

8). Spanx. This is my secret weapon. Spanx is an undergarment that is meant to help create clean lines under clothing and improve your shape. I love Spanx because they help to hold me in and drop an inch or so. When I wear them my clothes fit better and I automatically look thinner.

9). Avoid shiny fabrics. These fabrics never look good because they reflect light, which can make you appear much bigger.

10). Wear a shoe with a slight heel. Wearing sandals or shoes with even a slight heel can help you look pounds slimmer. Your legs will look sexier and longer, and you will instantly feel more confident.

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