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10 Songs To Help You Roll Out Of Bed And Start The Day.

The start of the morning is important; it sets the tone for the rest of the day. One too many drinks last night, the baby waking eight times for no apparent reason, or remembering that presentation you haven’t prepared for; these are all good reasons to stay tucked up in bed and ignore that alarm clock. So what song could your friendly morning DJ play to make everything seem much more manageable? There are the obvious choices that go with mornings and getting up, songs such as ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’, ‘Wake Up Boo!’ and ‘Wake Up Little Suzie’ but what about something a little less on the nose and a little more motivating? Click to read more about more motivational songs that you can listen to as you wake up in the morning. 

Baba O’Riley –

The Who. Listen to it all the way through without getting your air guitar on. I dare you.

One Fine Day –

The Chiffons.Peppy, frothy fun. Choose your outfit while this one’s on, it’s practically begging for a costume changing montage.

For What It’s Worth –

Buffalo Springfield. Woodstock cool and political fire in the belly. A nice helping of each of these will keep you sticking it to the man ’til lunchtime.

Tempted –

Squeeze. One for those hungover mornings. This will coast you down to the kitchen, put the coffee on for you, and may even toast you a bagel while you try to remember where that tattoo came from…

Last Train To Clarksville –

The Monkees. Admit it; you thought it’d be Daydream Believer, right? ‘Cuz of the bit about getting up in the morning? Well, you were close but not quite there! This one makes the list instead because nothing says ‘Have a Nice Day’ like a tambourine.

California –

Joni Mitchell. Steer clear of this little ditty when you have to get to work on time, but for lazy Sundays or the first day of your vacation, this will ease you into the day beautifully.

Beautiful Ones –

Suede. Aaaahhh, that 90’s Brit Pop angsty cool; nothing quite like it to nudge you out from under the duvet and coax those bleary eyes open. Ideally, for this to really work, you should have a beer can, full of cigarette butts, and a half-eaten kebab on your nightstand, a poster of Che Guevara on your bedroom door and a pile of coffee cup ring covered English Lit notes spilling off the side of your desk and onto the floor. But whatever works for you…

Shout –

Lulu. Not subtle, I’ll grant you, and certainly not for the morning after the night before. But, if you’re looking for something that packs a punch, this Scottish powerhouse certainly gets the blood flowing.

It’s Alright –

Dar Williams. Hugely underrated, Dar Williams makes music that puts its arm around you and calls you friend. Just what we all need when we wake up!

She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult.Time to hit the street and make your way to the office. This one’s particularly good if you’re running late; you’ll inevitably end up moving a little faster so you can walk in time with the beat.

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