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What is a warzone?

It is the epic new combat arena for Call of Duty, absolutely free for all players on all available platforms. You can explore an expansive battlefield with two new game modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. It is an insane battle for Cold hard Cash. You can experience the unique Call of Duty tournament with up to 150 members. Dive, put on your armour, get prizes and make your way to the top.

Tips and tricks to win in a warzone

  • Getto the battlefield faster 

You can reduce the time to the battlefield and land the fastest by disposing your parachute before returning to freefall mode. Of course, landing first means you’ll find better gear, which will also save you the trouble of players opening fire while skydiving.

  • Start eliminating your opponents before landing

In a battle royale game that can hold up to 150 players, every player you eliminate at the beginning will make your victory easier. Thus, some players have come up with; they will start removing their opponents while still in the air. To do this, you require temporarily cut off the parachute while descending and use your weapon to shoot competitors before reusing the parachute.

  • UsingPing

Ping is very significant. It helps you mark enemies and find loot. It is a means to notify your teammates of what is around them, do not forget to double-click the Ping button to alert your teammates from the nearest enemy.

  • Optimizethe performance of weapons

Try to repair your armaments at the base or wherever you find them on the battlefield. It will reduce the recoil of the weapon when firing, which will help you aim more accurately. It can be your lifesaver at war.

The tips and tricks can help you succeed in the tournament. These tricks not only answers your question on how to enter warzone tournaments but help you win them.

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