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Bundesliga is a professional association football league based in Germany and according to numerous polls and statistics they have the highest average stadium attendance in the world. With all the fans and football enthusiasts in the world, thousands of people from varying countries would want to keep any eye out for any development and thus Bundesliga Live was made available. Numerous sports and news websites cover these stories and display scores as well as other updates.


ESPN FC displays Bundesliga live scores and updates for everyone to see; there are pages dedicated to the live updates and the overall scores of the teams. ESPN FC displays other teams, leagues and cups but it’s a branch of ESPN that exclusively concentrates on football. At first the website was known by the name of SoccerNet before it was acquired by ESPN. Under SoccerNet, it was established and run by Greg Garfield alongside his son named Tom. SoccerNet provided live score updates, news articles and numerous tables displaying team and match information. During those years, Greg worked at Daily Mail and he sold the website in order to gain a considerable capital.

Eventually ESPN launched a television program in the US named ESPN2 and ESPNews which were dedicated to football; it was also known as ESPN FC. The aside from the live scores, there are a ton of pages dedicated to the featured matches, updates regarding top players betting and videos. Of course since ESPN FC is owned by a broadcasting agency, ever news that you need to know in the world of football is displayed alongside pictures and videos of the coverage. If you’re too busty and would just want to find out the top news and events in the world of football, then turn your attention to the top of the homepage because the headlines are displayed there.

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