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Tiktok gained magnum popularity throughout the world. Each individual on TikTok desires to be famous on the platform to gain quick fame and success. There are billions of TikTok download around the world with each passing second; hence here are some best quality tips to get the best of TikTok.

  • Content creation

Every individual is expected to produce something new to the platter. Be creative with your content; avoid abusive, absurd and violent content.

  • Expand traffic

Expansion of your content could only be obtained through an upsurge in traffic. Through hashtags. Put the most relatable hashtags on your posts. Make sure to put the hashtags in fragments, for example, #Tiktok #download #music. Knowing the deepest genre of your content would help you to find the most relatable search hashtags.

  • Charming profile

Try to keep an eye-catching profile that would attract the onlookers. Keep your onlookers hooked with the information and content on your profile. Ensure vibrant color combinations as well as design and layout. Your clothing must be trendy as TikTok download is an entertainment platform.

  • Non controversial content

It must be kept at an umpteen importance to make the content clean. Make sure not to cross the line to create more views on your profile. The cybercrime department does not spare profile detected for sexist, absurd and abusive behavior towards other humans and animals.

  • Effective marketing

Collaboration videos are the most effective and command way of sharing the fame from the content. One can put off such videos on multiple platforms to increase interface.

To get the best of TikTok is consistency with your work. Timely update and interaction with followers and prime necessity and the stepping stone towards making yourself known to a bigger crowd. The rest will further follow the hard work of consistency.

Everyone has great ambitions of making it big one day that festers deep down inside them right from childhood and continues to grow alongwith them like a weed so that one day those dreams materialize into reality.

In order for it to happen, there should be a tremendous amount of hard work from your side as these are trying times with fierce competition in all fields and none more so than in journalism and mass communication.

The author himself has seen the trials and tribulations it takes to get yourself recognized in this world where you have no friends and it’s an everyman for himself game where if you have to give 200% output in the form of hard work to get 100% results.


If your determination is firm and resolute then there is nothing to stop you from making it big in this field despite competition and one way to do so is by making Live TV Channels.

Yes, it is difficult to find a well paid job in this profession so opening your own TV channel is out of the question atleast in the initial stages but still it is a distant dream that takes its own sweet time to fulfill.

In this era of social media you can start your YouTube Channel as this is the virtual world where you are the exclusive boss and it just requires a decent number of subscribers for making it flourish in the near future.

If you stream your video live, then you are exposed to the entire world because almost everyone is active on social media be it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and once they start liking your content, then rest assured that you are going to have a long innings with a bright future.

You will be able to engage your audience with fresh and innovative content as once the subscriber base is established, people that are job deprived would contact you for better prospects through which your team will grow and flourish.

10 Songs To Help You Roll Out Of Bed And Start The Day.

The start of the morning is important; it sets the tone for the rest of the day. One too many drinks last night, the baby waking eight times for no apparent reason, or remembering that presentation you haven’t prepared for; these are all good reasons to stay tucked up in bed and ignore that alarm clock. So what song could your friendly morning DJ play to make everything seem much more manageable? There are the obvious choices that go with mornings and getting up, songs such as ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’, ‘Wake Up Boo!’ and ‘Wake Up Little Suzie’ but what about something a little less on the nose and a little more motivating? Click to read more about more motivational songs that you can listen to as you wake up in the morning. 

Baba O’Riley –

The Who. Listen to it all the way through without getting your air guitar on. I dare you.

One Fine Day –

The Chiffons.Peppy, frothy fun. Choose your outfit while this one’s on, it’s practically begging for a costume changing montage.

For What It’s Worth –

Buffalo Springfield. Woodstock cool and political fire in the belly. A nice helping of each of these will keep you sticking it to the man ’til lunchtime.

Tempted –

Squeeze. One for those hungover mornings. This will coast you down to the kitchen, put the coffee on for you, and may even toast you a bagel while you try to remember where that tattoo came from…

Last Train To Clarksville –

The Monkees. Admit it; you thought it’d be Daydream Believer, right? ‘Cuz of the bit about getting up in the morning? Well, you were close but not quite there! This one makes the list instead because nothing says ‘Have a Nice Day’ like a tambourine.

California –

Joni Mitchell. Steer clear of this little ditty when you have to get to work on time, but for lazy Sundays or the first day of your vacation, this will ease you into the day beautifully.

Beautiful Ones –

Suede. Aaaahhh, that 90’s Brit Pop angsty cool; nothing quite like it to nudge you out from under the duvet and coax those bleary eyes open. Ideally, for this to really work, you should have a beer can, full of cigarette butts, and a half-eaten kebab on your nightstand, a poster of Che Guevara on your bedroom door and a pile of coffee cup ring covered English Lit notes spilling off the side of your desk and onto the floor. But whatever works for you…

Shout –

Lulu. Not subtle, I’ll grant you, and certainly not for the morning after the night before. But, if you’re looking for something that packs a punch, this Scottish powerhouse certainly gets the blood flowing.

It’s Alright –

Dar Williams. Hugely underrated, Dar Williams makes music that puts its arm around you and calls you friend. Just what we all need when we wake up!

She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult.Time to hit the street and make your way to the office. This one’s particularly good if you’re running late; you’ll inevitably end up moving a little faster so you can walk in time with the beat.

Gone are the days of lining up in front of a Street Fighter II arcade machine, pumping quarters to be able to beat M. Bison, or to have your try at defeating the guy who’s been there all afternoon beating everyone in line. What was once a staple in gaming and a cultural centerpiece of the 80’s and 90’s, arcades are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and it’s very disheartening.

Today, I took a trip with a couple of friends to a local arcade here in town called Mega-Play. I hadn’t been there in a while, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I remembered the place used to be booming. Music playing, the sounds of hundreds of arcades, kids cheering over their hole-in-one in the mini-golf area. This place was my favorite spot growing up. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’d been there or the amount of money I had spent. As soon as I walked in, it was like I was ten-years old again and seeing all four original Mortal Kombat machines sitting side by side made my eyes light up. All the memories just began to race through my mind; it was 1999 again and Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” was pounding over the sound system. The sound and visual system of the game should be excellent. The playing and interest to Buy League Smurf Accounts will encourage the person to spend the money. It will offer enormous benefits to the players in the form of gold coins and rewards. 

What was disappointing was the fact that the place was seemingly empty. Including the four of us, there was eight people there total. We were all about the same age too, probably there to relive some old memories. The atmosphere was different, the buzz was no longer there. We had as much fun as we could though. I played some pinball, two of my friends blew $25 beating Area 51 vs Maximum Heat, and we all enjoyed a game of mini-golf. It got me thinking about how much the younger generation of gamers are missing out on this sort of social experience, going to a place where you can meet other gamers and people of common interests, competing with someone who’s right next to you instead of half-way across the world, how a crowd gathered behind you when the competition got heated, and the respect that came when you beat someone.

Some of today’s video games are trying to recreate the arcade experience with different multiplayer modes – “King of the Hill” on 2011’s Mortal Kombat comes to mind – but all fail to capture the real excitement. You can’t exactly bet your tickets or your slice of hot pizza over Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. I guess you could put Microsoft Points on the line or something, but it’s not the same. After we left, it made me realize how much I miss the arcades. I know I’m not alone in this thinking either after looking up videos on YouTube and seeing people who are expressing the same feeling I am. Part of me feels empowered to do something, but there’s not a whole lot you can do other than start going and pumping in the quarters again or sending letters showing interest to people who are in charge of bringing business to your city. Very few of these places are still in existence though. I guess it’s a sign of the times, but it’s still sad to look back and see how much the arcade scene has fallen and know that future generations will never get to experience that.

If you are one of the younger generation, or just have never been to an arcade, I would encourage you to go. Take a lot of quarters and dollar bills, a few friends, and go on a day where it looks like a decent amount of people are there (you may be lucky and live in an area with an arcade or two that has decent business), and just have fun. Talk, challenge people, and place some bets if you’re feeling frisky. I promise you it will beat any online multiplayer experience if you go on a good night. You might even make some new friends.

I guess those of us who know what the glory days were like will just have to either live with the memories, or if you’re like me, you can do your part to help with keeping the arcades alive. It’s highly unlikely that arcades will ever seen another “boom,” but without any sort of action, I wouldn’t be surprised if in ten years they cease to exist. As a life-long gamer and someone who thoroughly enjoys it’s many social aspects, that is a reality which scares me.

Are you in charge of a Valentine’s Day party this year? It is not always easy to find creative, new ideas. I have complied a list of some ideas that can easily be changed to fit your needs. Homemade is not only cheaper but more memorable so try to do it homemade first. These Valentine’s Day party ideas work for the school classroom, church party or for your home. All preschool and school age children love a party and as long as they are old enough to follow a few steps, most of the activities below do not have an age requirement. So as much as adults like to go to texas casino parties, kids have their own happiness too. And one of those is going to kids parties where they can play and have a good time with their friends.

Collage: As an art activity for the Valentine’s Day party, you could sit out sheets of purple, red and pink paper along with a white sheet of paper for each child. Also provide glue sticks and scissors and as many embellishments as you have, like glitter, gems etc. Have the children cut out hearts and glue them down on the white paper as a collage. For young children, have the hearts already cut out and eliminate glitter and extras until an adult can help them. I usually place globs of white glue on the paper and tell the younger children to “cover the glue”. This works well for them and they still feel like they made the collage themselves. This can be as small or as big of an activity at your Valentine’s Day party as you need it to be. Provide a lot of materiel’s if you want it to last longer.

Heart Game: You play this Valentine’s Day party game just like the pin the tail on the donkey game that we all know and love. The difference is that you draw a simple person on a poster board or large piece of paper as the “donkey”. Blind fold the children and have them try and pin the heart on the person’s chest. You can precut all the hearts and write the names of each child on each heart ahead of time. As simple as this game is, it is always one of the highlights of the Valentine’s Day party for the children.

Craft: This craft is a lot of fun for all ages and can be adapted as needed at your Valentine’s Day party. Give each child a clean baby food jar (lids not needed), a small bowl of watered down white glue, a paint brush and a pile of pink and purple cut up tissue paper. Have the children paint on the glue in sections and then cover the glue with the tiny pieces of tissue paper. As they cover the jar, they will need to paint over the tissue paper several times to seal the tissue and create a stained glass look. When it dries, you can provide each child with a votive candle to place in their jars and ribbon to tie around the neck of the jar. This is a very pretty gift to give their Valentine or other loved one. You can make this Valentine’s Day party craft with any glass container. You could make these for any holiday by changing the tissue paper color to a more appropriate color. It is a favorite of the recipients who find it not just beautiful but practical.

Favors: If you want to send everyone at your Valentine’s Day party home with a bag of goodies, the options are endless. Here is a list of some things that would make great party favors………..

* finger nail polish or nail manicure sets

* lip gloss

* make up kits of any kind

* red hot wheels or small cars

* key chains

* boxes of conversation hearts

* a small baggie of Hershey’s kisses

* small stuffed animals

* anything red, pink or purple

Relay: This fun Valentine’s Day party activity will be the talk of your party. It doesn’t matter the age of your party guests, everyone loves a funny relay with picture opportunities. You will divide your Valentine’s Day party guests into 2 teams. You will put a small glob of Vaseline on each person’s nose with a plate of precut paper hearts sitting close by. The racers must run down and tag the hand of a teammate while keeping a paper heart attached to their nose with Vaseline. They will transfer the heart with their hands but should not touch the paper heart otherwise. You can determine how far they run, a potential finish line etc.

You can add other fun games or activities to your Valentine’s Day party by adapting games and activities that you already know like musical chairs (musical hearts that they stand on) pie eating contests ( change the food to angel food cake) or anything you can imagine. You can name food to make it fun at your Valentine’s Day party like passion punch or cupid cookies with little name tents in front of each food.

Whatever you decide to use, keep it simple and think of how it would be more fun than the same old game and go from there. Have a great Valentine’s Day party!

At one time, there must have been a clause for most A-list movie stars to always keep their countenance recognizable, no matter how much makeup they had to wear in their roles. Even if there never was such a clause, many actors possibly took it upon themselves to be recognizable for the sake of box office returns. And you can see evidence of that throughout film history, with only just a few exceptions where being unrecognizable garnered an Oscar nomination.

Today, it’s almost the same, along with the same exceptions. Only the most daring of actors such as Robert Downey, Jr. risked applying black prosthetics to look like an African-American in “Tropic Thunder.” And whether you think James Franco is of the same caliber of Downey, Jr., you could say he’s on the same track of looking like someone else other than himself after previously looking all too much like himself.

Well, a performance is only good if it is appealing to the audience and that is why method actors score over superstars due to them getting into the skin of the character easily as they believe in the theory that acting is all about ‘not acting’ but simply giving natural expressions as though you are living the character and that is why James Franco and Downey are underrated due to the current audience not understanding this facet of acting. So you won’t find many Franco films on cyberflix apk than you do of his successful counterparts.

No matter what you think of Franco as Oscar Diggs, aka “Oz the Great and Powerful”, his role as Alien in “Spring Breakers” might end up being notable or a footnote, all based on how he disguises himself to the point of being unrecognizable. If not for the publicity and the cast list, chances are you wouldn’t even know it’s Franco playing a gangster rapper in the above film.

Of course, if “Spring Breakers” becomes a sleeper hit due to its prurient reputation, it may set a new precedent for actors wanting to cover their entire faces in prosthetic makeup. But there’s such a thing as doing so for the sake of making an actor look like a strange hybrid of themselves and someone else. No other better example could be made than with Sir Anthony Hopkins playing the Master of Suspense in recent “Hitchcock.”

It was clear Hopkins was trying to look recognizable by doing away with placing a prosthetic double chin onto his face. Had he done that, he would have looked far more like Hitchcock. What would happen, though, if Hopkins ever smothers himself in makeup to completely disguise his identity?

He’s likely at the point in his career now where he wouldn’t. Franco, though, is still young enough where he can change the literal face of acting by hiding under hardcore garb and polar opposite personality. The only risk he ever faces is likely far off in the future in the event he ever becomes a has-been actor.

Imagine if you will the scenario of someone running across “Spring Breakers” on cable 10 years from now. In a fabricated scenario of Franco being forgotten (I know, fat chance), there may be the problem of a new generation equating Franco with the way he looks in the film. That only happens, though, if IMDb doesn’t happen to celebrate a 30th year in existence.

The very worst scenario is in the Internet rumoring mill. What happens if rumors persist that it wasn’t even Franco in the role and someone else a la an Andy Kaufman stunt? Such a scenario can only be proved with DVD extras showing otherwise, unless Franco was so method that he stayed in character the entire time.

No matter where Franco goes in his roles, he may be more of an important acting force than anybody thinks. Reprising the art of being an acting chameleon takes away the immediate assumed presumption that people go see movies just to see the familiar face of a favorite actor.

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