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We all have in our kitchen to some extent a microwave, a coffee pot, a toaster or even a toaster oven. Some may even have crock pots and grill presses. That is all well and good, but where is the fun, the laughter, the goofy gadgets? It is time to make the kitchen a fun place to be again and get a laugh at the same time. This article gives you, the reader, ten fun gadgets that your kitchen or next party can use to bring a smile to your face.

  1. Mini Sushi Box (Suggested Retail Price $6.00). Now you can impress your friends with the food craze that has taken the world by storm – only in a very small way. This mini kit has everything one needs to bring forth the infamous Spicy Tuna Roll as well as other recipes that are contained in the included 32-page booklet. Along with the book, the box included chopsticks, bamboo (Maki-Su) mat and soy sauce dipping bowl. It is just everything included is in miniature form.

  1. Ice Shot Glasses (Suggested Retail Price $10.00). No need to dirty up a lot of shot glasses or even break into your shot glass collection to serve drinks. This heavy plastic ice tray makes four shot glasses at one time (comes with caps to make the perfect shot). You do not even have to use water – how about your favorite mixed drink? Coke as a glass and your rum inside. You do not even have to use the form in the freezer, make a unique form of Jell-O shots – Jell-O as the glass and your drink inside.
  1. Snap Caps (Suggested Retail Price $3.00). This simple little items helps protect your favorite canned beverage from losing its fizz and helps prevents spills. Simply snap over an open container and unscrew its top to enjoy your drink without worry. Comes in a virtual rainbow of colors.
  1. Super Spork (Suggested Retain Price $6.00). It’s a fork – no it’s a spoon – no, it’s a knife. No, wait, it is Super Spork. All three utensils brought together in one eating utensil that will never leave you without having the proper equipment. Fork and spoon at either end of the piece, while the knife is on the fork side. Made in Sweden and of high quality plastic.
  1. Extend A Fork (Suggested Retail Price $8.00). Now you can grab that last piece of bacon or whatever meat you want before anyone else reaches the serving tray. This ordinary fork extends up to two feet (which on average is the middle of any dining table). A brilliant concept of bringing together fork and car antenna.
  1. Strawz (Suggested Retail Price $13.00). Now you can make your own silly straws with this 44-piece kit which included straws of different lengths and connectors. Dishwasher safe. You can drink from several different glasses at once or you and your friends can share a tall cold one.
  1. Finger Plates (Suggested Retail Price $8.00). It is hard to eat and drink while you mingle at any party; you can only do one or the other. With this handy little item (each package contains ten plates), you can slip the plate onto your index finger and it will hold appetizers while you mingle and laugh at the bad jokes coming your way. Dishwasher safe.
  1. Health Hazard Food Containers (Suggested Retail Price $10.00). Helps keep everyone out of your lunch before you get a chance to enjoy same. With locking lids and warning signs plastered over each of the three containers, they are sure to add humor to your refrigerator. Each bowl is microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe.

  1. Ice Spoon (Suggested Retail Price $8.00). No longer do you have to worry about running out of spoons to mix drinks or having your drink become diluted with water. Just pour your drink (or use water if you must) into the forms (each tray makes two spoons) and freeze. Pop them out and enjoy. Heck, you can even just suck on the spoon for a quick refreshing treat.
  1. Scooby Snacks (Suggested Retail Price $7.00). This kit comes with a 32-page book and cookie cutters in the shapes of a ghost, bone and even the infamous “Scooby Doo” himself. The recipes included in the book are good for both humans and their canine counter parts – just like the Saturday morning cartoon show.

The time for kitchen hilarity is about to begin, so it is time to once again enjoy kitchen life, even if you are the one stuck doing dishes. Along with the stated things, the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W will be the best solution for insulated homes. The use of the condense gas will provide enormous benefits to the person. 

I don’t know about you, reader, but I’ve seen too many travel blogs idolizing super-expensive gadgets that have far too limited use. Furthermore, many products that seem cool, like heavy laptops, DVD players and PSPs, aren’t going to add to your trip, they’re going to take away.

Below is the best of the best that I’ve found, all of it is reasonably priced for what you’re getting, and all of them have excellent and vital uses on any trip, for business or pleasure.

2 or more LED Flashlights

I don’t know why no one ever talks flashlights, but I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, from road trips to Europe to Japan, and the lowly flashlight is just as useful as a laptop. Also, never carry just one, but always at least one more than you’ll need. Buy some here.

Nikken Water Bottle and Insteps

If Nintendo made health products instead of video games, they would be Nikken. This company has tons of strange and useful gadgets, and the two best for travel are Water Bottle and Insteps. The Water Bottle has a built-in filtration system that I once put Coca Cola through and it came out very light brown water on the other side, so it works great. The Insteps have small magnets inside, helping your feet last longer on hikes or long tourist walks. You can buy both of these amazing products from https://www.dfydaily.com/ at an affordable price along with super-fast delivery at your doorstep.


MintyBoost is a kit offered by LadyAda and others and acts as a quick and easy way to use AA batteries to charge any device. Just plug it in and your handy dandy whatever has life again. Although you should only buy this kit if you have a soldering iron and a modest amount of circuitry skill, it’s damn useful on a trip. Buy the kit here.


The WikiReader turns the iPod on its head, so instead of having 1000 songs in your pocket, you have Wikipedia in your pocket, even without an Internet connection or Wifi. This is perfect for researching some interesting foreign statues or buildings because you know Wikipedia will have it, and you can brush up on national history, local culture and more. Buy one here.


I know I said I’d stay away from expensive stuff, but the iPhone kicks ass abroad. Why? In addition to a lot of area-specific apps made just for travelers, it also has that awesome ability to connect to WiFi. On my trip to Europe, a guy had one of these and got to check his email and make Skype calls while the rest of us just had paperweight phones. Now that I have an iPhone myself, I have to say, it’s not too expensive considering all it does. Get one here.

Acer Netbook

So iPhones and Wikipedia aside, at some point you might need to see a screen larger than a shipping label, so bring along a small laptop at least. I am slightly obsessed with traveling light, getting down to a single duffel bag for a one week trip and adding a backpack if absolutely necessary. If you’re like me and don’t have space for a giant laptop and don’t have the money for a gizmo with all the special functions, pick up the Acer Aspire One, with plenty of space for Internet use, plus a built-in webcam and mic for video calling. Buy one cheap here.

17% OC Pepper Spray

Another category of travel gadgets that generally slips the minds of other journalists is self-defense. I’ve encountered criminals in Mexico, Germany, New York, and Austin, if you’re traveling, arm yourself, because you never know. Having been hit with a blast of 17% OC pepper spray (see that crazy article here), I can attest that no one will be bothering you after a hit. An added bonus is that pepper spray is much more likely to be legal in more countries and US states than any other self-defense device, save perhaps the kubaton. Buy a really cool one that’s disguised as a ring here.

UnderArmour Heatgear and Coldgear

Imagine you’re in Kansas City and it’s getting really chilly. You’re bundled up and still feel the cold, and your crazy hot female friend goes out in nothing but a stretchy catsuit. Is she insane? Is she freezing? No. She has UnderArmour Coldgear, and she can survive surprisingly cold temperatures even without additional layers. The sister product, Heatgear, does the opposite, keeping you cool in hot weather, so they make a great combo for extended travel. Buy them both here.

Flip Video Camera

Taking pictures is so 20th century. Taking pictures is what your cell phone is for if you’re out at a club and you want a new Facebook profile pic. No, you want a really good vacation media clip, take video, put it on YouTube, show everyone else how much fun your life is. Watch it and it’s like living the moment again, useful if your boss cut your vacation time. The Flip Video Camera is the super easy to use a device that is great for travel, so ditch the hassle and start having fun. Buy one here.

Garmin GPS

Ah, Garmin. It’ll tell you how to drive from New York City to Austin and back again. Needless to say, a must for road trips, but also useful for international travel in that you can get your exact location if need be. Plus, everyone needs to know where the next gas station or burger joint is. Buy one here.

Gaming have gone far today. There are now many options for you to have exhilarating enjoyment in front of your favorite gaming console. GTA 5 mods Xbox 360 is available, for example, so you can enjoy one of the biggest mission games with great improvements. But what elements make a great mission game, to begin with? 

Here’s what the Best Mission Games have for Big Gaming Exciting 


  1. Exciting Gameplay – this is the most important element for any game. It must have a great gameplay, or the basic rules and objectives of playing the game. For a mission game to have good gameplay, it must have challenging missions, enough support and tools, as well as alluring movements a player can do among other features. 
  2. Great Characters – Characters in the best mission games aren’t simple elements which represents the player’ identity in the game world. Instead, they must have enough specified abilities, weapons and even compelling narratives or background stories. And this doesn’t only refer to characters which players can use, but includes in-game supporting characters too. 
  3. Compelling Plot – The best games run on compelling plots which tell wonderful stories. This doesn’t focus on the stories of characters alone, but includes the story of the entire game. This gives the game a good sense of direction, instead of characters merely running around or killing other characters. 
  4. Huge but Reasonable Game World – Now, you can’t talk about great stories without excellent setting. In games, this is all about the game world or map. The best mission games have a full world or map where the characters can move. It must give enough challenges, but is reasonable enough for players to complete. 


These are only few essential elements of the best mission games today. It gives mission games enough excitement, so players like you can have a great time on your favorite console. 

There are various kinds of chargers available when it comes to charging in iPhone but it’s important for you to make sure that when you choose a charger you pick one that is reliable and will not affect your phone in anyway. Although there are various kinds of charges that you can choose from the iphone wireless charger is definitely something that will make your life a lot easier.

While there are various people who believe that it is best to use only the original iPhone charger that you get along with your phone it becomes very inconvenient to carry this charger along with you because it adds to the risk of misplacing the charger and it also becomes difficult for you to figure out where you’re going to connect the charger in order to charge your phone. If you need to use your phone regularly it becomes difficult to stand near the charge point while your phone is charging to get your job done. When you have a wireless charger you do not have to worry about standing near the charging area and you can move around freely with the phone which makes it convenient for you to get a lot done even if the battery of your phone is running low.

A good quality wireless charger will last you a long time and you won’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Before choosing a wireless charger it is always recommended that you go online and read reviews about the various chargers available so that you choose one that not only works well in your favour but also runs effectively and lasts a long time. While there are various kinds of chargers available always take your time to pick out the most recommended charger online.

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