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So, it’s been a while since my last blog post. So many wonderful things have happened these last few weeks. Has anyone felt the same way? Of course, Social Media continues to amaze me! It’s so powerful…especially if you know how to use it. Social Media is constantly changing every day, so you need to be consistent otherwise it will bite you in the bum! For the involvement of the right efforts, a website is created to purchase the YouTube subscribers. After a click at this website, real and accurate information is provided to the interested people. The answer is given with skills and intelligence. 

Speaking of consistency, you have no idea how many times I have come across that word in the last few weeks. That word seemed to be coming across many conversations this last little while that I just had to post about it. As many of you probably know, consistency is key in order to effectively utilize Social Media. Think of Social Media as a plant. A plant begins to grow at the roots and as you keep watering it, it continues to grow and grow. However, if you stop watering it, even for a day, it starts to dry out and then eventually it will die and lose the momentum of ever growing into a beautiful, more livelier plant. Perhaps a beautiful rose bush. Now, think about Social Media and the power of consistency behind it. Right now, Social Media is co nstantly growing…it started as a tiny seedling and now, as we keep ‘watering’ it, we will begin to educate and engage prospects and it will just continue to grow from there. That’s what consistency is all about. Educate. Interact. Engage. Be consistent at all three points and you will be successful. 

However, did you know that, as an entrepreneur, you need to constantly engage at least 10 minutes per day, without fail? Why? Simply put..Social Media is your seedling…it is your opportunity to sow…what do you want to do with it? Are you going to help it grow or are you just going to let it dry out and disperse? Social Media is an ever changing environment and it constantly craves even more attention every day. Maybe you don’t have the time to focus particularly on your online presence and that’s ok. We understand. That’s why you contract companies, such as ours to oversee your online presence for you. However, as a simple rule of thumb: you must be a part of your online presence as well. Social Media is a mutual engagement between both parties…we are a team. If a prospect attempts communication with you regarding your services, then you must communicate back. I mean, let’s face it. You know your business a heck of a lot better than any Social Media team out there. We deliver the leads…you take the next step and follow up with them. That’s the bottom line. Social Media is about mutually and actively participating in the engagement of online prospects.

If, for some reason, you just can’t commit to engagement, then maybe Social Media is not for you. It’s that simple. You forward us fresh, new content. We deliver it. We give you prospects. You follow up. Plain and simple.

Recently I spoke about how to use the Instagram app on your computer, so that’s not news. I have been searching, however, for an app that let’s me schedule Instagram posts. It’s finally here, ladies and gentlemen of social media marketing land! Here’s the low-down…



Posting and scheduling to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter an


14-day free trial; Free – one channels only, 5 posts/month; $14.95 – one channel per network; $24.95 – ten channels per network; $49.95 – 20 channels per network, ten team members. All paid accounts give unlimited posts, scheduling and customer support. Payments accepted through major credit cards and Paypal.

You can schedule to Instagram. I am yet to find any other app that does this. I made sure to test it out and it works just fine. If you’re just starting out and Instagram is one of the networks you plan to use for social media marketing, along with the regulars, Twitter and Facebook, this might be worth a shot. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to use, even if you’re not an expert, and the visual design isn’t bad either. I’m always a fan of apps that give you a full featured free trial to test the waters so you can have an obligation-free look around.

It’s easy to look past any design flaws or missing features considering this is the only app of it’s kind…but I’m me and I don’t miss anything, so here goes. You have to pre-edit the images before uploading them to Posts.so – that means cropping to a perfect square and adding any filters you want using a different app. (I highly recommend PicMonkey for this.)


Postso requires your Pinterest and Instagram passwords to access your account initially but they do not store it, here’s why:

If you’re particularly paranoid about apps and their access to your social media networks, you may want to bypass this one.

The app is certainly original enough but I’m not too keen on the price tag. I’d recommend this one for any social media manager handling multiple Instagram or Pinterest accounts, that’s where this app really shines. The current system I have of logging in, posting, checking comments, logging out and logging in again for each account I run three times per day is stressful, to say the least, so I can definitely see how it would help. In addition, considering the best site to buy Instagram followers cheap is also another way on how you can grow your following on IG and other social media networks. To be competitive in the market, you have to consider all the possible ways on how you can put your best foot forward. 

My recommendation to Postso would probably be to narrow their focus on Pinterest and Instagram and become the go to app for scheduling visual posts. This would probably help in reducing their pricing and get more people on board.

Tiktok gained magnum popularity throughout the world. Each individual on TikTok desires to be famous on the platform to gain quick fame and success. There are billions of TikTok download around the world with each passing second; hence here are some best quality tips to get the best of TikTok.

  • Content creation

Every individual is expected to produce something new to the platter. Be creative with your content; avoid abusive, absurd and violent content.

  • Expand traffic

Expansion of your content could only be obtained through an upsurge in traffic. Through hashtags. Put the most relatable hashtags on your posts. Make sure to put the hashtags in fragments, for example, #Tiktok #download #music. Knowing the deepest genre of your content would help you to find the most relatable search hashtags.

  • Charming profile

Try to keep an eye-catching profile that would attract the onlookers. Keep your onlookers hooked with the information and content on your profile. Ensure vibrant color combinations as well as design and layout. Your clothing must be trendy as TikTok download is an entertainment platform.

  • Non controversial content

It must be kept at an umpteen importance to make the content clean. Make sure not to cross the line to create more views on your profile. The cybercrime department does not spare profile detected for sexist, absurd and abusive behavior towards other humans and animals.

  • Effective marketing

Collaboration videos are the most effective and command way of sharing the fame from the content. One can put off such videos on multiple platforms to increase interface.

To get the best of TikTok is consistency with your work. Timely update and interaction with followers and prime necessity and the stepping stone towards making yourself known to a bigger crowd. The rest will further follow the hard work of consistency.

If you are using Instagram for a long time, and still you cannot gain attention or the followers, then your profile needs to be improved. You have to focus on creating it more attractive and impressive than before. It can be tough and easy, which depends on the person and their knowledge. Even making use of InstaPrivateViewer helps in checking out private Instagram profiles without any issue.

You should stay till the end of the article by which you will get to know what things are you missing and your profile too. There is no need of any specialized software because everything can be done right within the application itself. 

All you need to take care of is the fonts as there are plenty of fonts available online, among which you can choose any of them you like the most. This is the first step of being creative, and you will get to improve your profile with this.

These are some tips and tricks you should remember.

If you are new, then you should consider all the tips which will be going to discuss below. You should not miss any of them as they all are essential-

  • Start with the bio-

Bio is the column in which you can describe about yourself. You should start from there as because people first notice that only. Choose different fonts and write something beautiful about yourself. 

  • No more blur DP-

Your display picture should be crystal clear so that people may find it attractive. That could be the reason to gain new viewers and followers on your profile. You should edit it first and then upload it.

Archive the old ones-

The old post which you find out not that interesting should be archived. By using the archive option, you can make them hidden for as long as you want.

Social networking sites have many different uses and are a great place to interact with members or set up a personal file. There are many social networking sites and services that you can use on such platforms such as https://en.instaprivateviewer.com out there up and running. You can use one of these sites to increase page views to another page by blogging and networking about it. Many people are looking to create their own social networking sites. Making an online social network is painless and free to do.

First of all, you need to find an idea for your social networking site. If you can find some sort of unique feature for your site, you will be on your way to having a popular site. When I created my social networking site I targeted special interest. This was the angle I pursued in my social networking site. You need to find a good niche and pursue it. Finding a good niche is harder than it seems. The goal is to find a niche that has a lot of people interested, but yet you want the niche to have a low amount of competition. You want low competition, so you can take over that market with your idea. Some people use social networking software to help them build their site. These can help you greatly and you can actually find free software available online if you just look hard for it. Some social networking software will cost you money, but some can actually be a great thing for the progress of your site.

Try to create a catchy and flashy name for your website. You want something that’s simple and easy to recognize. A name that has some unique quality about it and will attract people to click on and go into your site. Make the name focused on the type of social networking site that you are creating. This will attract people to click on your ad because if they are actually interested in your content, they will exceed further because the name of the site is targeted to what the user is looking for. Creating the name for your social networking site is a vital part of the process to be able to have a successful and popular site that people will want to visit.

Now when you find the name you need, you have to buy a domain name that is available. So the name you may have chosen, won’t necessarily be available to buy. You also need to sign up for website hosting. These will most likely be available to be received from the same network. This may not always work though. You may have to go to a couple different services to find the correct website hosting and a domain name. Finding a good domain name should be a well thought out step. Make a list of available domain names, up to 4 or 5. Then decide which one you think is more targeted to what your social networking site is about. Try to avoid a name with numbers and characters in it. Find a name that is simple and easy to remember and is catchy also.

Now you need to develop some kind of business strategy for your social networking site. This is where you want to create all the rules and terms of use for using your website. Develop a list of what kind of options you can offer users, that are different from other social networking sites. Figure out how you are going to promote your site, to get people to start blogging and using your site to network with others. Make a drawn-out idea of how people can earn extra income from blogging and networking from your site. This is where you outline all of the strategies for building a strong and successful social networking site, that will dominate the web.

Now it is time to properly format and design your site. This is one of the most important aspects of creating a social networking site. The format is important because you want it organized, so it will keep people on your page for more than 30 seconds. If it is all disorganized and crammed with pictures and graphics, people will most likely not want to stay on the page if it takes 5 minutes to load fully. Keep the site looking professional and easy to use. Try to copy format ideas from leading websites on the world wide web. You want to find already successful sites and just take design ideas from them to create a good site. The design platform you will use will most likely be offered through the service that you are creating your social networking site. In this section of creation, you can use social networking software to help you create a successful site. You can also use your own website creation software to create your site.

Social Networking is a fairly new form of sociological study that prefers to focus less on the traditional groupings used by sociology (like tribes or nations, families, race or ethnic background, etc) and instead focuses on the effects of individuals to one another within a given group. The divisions focus on individuals and how their interrelations affect each other, and instead of bundling everyone from a certain social strata into one category, social networking focuses on each person within a given group and links them to each and every individual that they know and interact with. The services of the instagram private viewer will be excellent for the person. The focus of the person should be on increasing the traffic at the site. The work of the social networking sites will be great for interacting with the friends and relatives. There can be offering of the link to the person. 

You can use social networking on a personal scale to help you manage your life and affairs with much greater ease than you would be able to using a more generalized form of sociology. It can help you expand your social network itself (aka get to know more people) as well as improving the quality of people within your network (aka meet more business contacts, worthwhile friends, etc instead of problematic and annoying people).

First off, since social networking focuses on individuals, you should start with the most important individual in your life – yourself. Diagrams for social networking are simple: they consist of circles and lines. Each cirle in the diagram is a person, and each line that connects two circles indicates that those two people know each other. The lines can often have little description tags which state how the two people know each other and how they affect each other (aka if they like each other or hate each other’s guts).

Start by making a diagram with YOUR circle at the center. Then, branching outwards, make other circles that connect to you via lines for the people you know best and interact with the most. This will usually be your family, friends, and workmates. By this simple method you will be able to establish who you see the most often, can trust the most, love the most, and who you can rely on when in trouble. Additionally, you can draw lines between the people in your immediate network who know each other and how they relate to each other. This lets you keep track of simple things like “John and Tom are both my friends, but can’t stand each other. Better not invite them to the same parties at the same time”.

Once your personal network is established, you should then get a separate sheet of paper and categorize everyone to your taste. Common examples include a list of business associates, a list of drinking buddies, and a list of immediate and extended family members. These are simply examples, and since it’s YOUR life, you should categorize everyone however you feel like it. The purpose of this list is to let you know if you’re having any deficiencies in any one category (not enough friends you can go out with constantly, not enough people who can introduce you to other people, too many people who are mooching favors off you but giving nothing in return, etc)

Finally, map out a smaller social network for each individual within your personal social network, placing a circle for each person that your immediate contacts know that YOU also personally know, even if only through them. This expanded network lets you keep track of the people your friends and family interact with constantly, even if you yourself don’t. By using this method creatively, you can expand your personal social network to include the people connected to your immediate circles, or can at the very least monitor how people that you know only by association can still cause effects within your own personal network.

In closing, think of social networking in this analogy: you’re a spider in a web, with each strand of the web connecting to another spider. They, in turn, connect to other spiders that you don’t personally know or only met through them. Actions of one spider will affect every other spider in the web that’s linked to it, wether directly or through a series of other spiders. Social networking lets you keep track of how to manage the strands and spiders that can affect you one way or another.

Do you know Instagram boasts the highest engagement rate (on average) of all major social channels? Yes, you heard it right. The platform could be a new entrant compared to Twitter and Facebook but it easily stands over them today in terms of engagement. And as you are aware, solid “engagement” with target audience is one of the most important aspects to leverage prospects of sales. Interestingly, this is not the sole reason to bank on Instagram to promote your brand. The post below offers a sneak-peek on why Instagram is a great platform today to scale up your brand online.

Colossal member base

Instagram is bustling with over 1 billion monthly active users. Such a massive member-base assures excellent exposure for any brand that creates a business account on Instagram.

The visual quotient

A major reason why Instagram has been able to beat social giants like Facebook or Twitter is its visual quotient. Unlike other social platforms that allow both text and visual posts, Instagram is entirely visual. Yes, you can certainly include texts in your post but the “visual” aspect is always the dominating part here. Our brain is more attracted to visual imagery than textual one. Naturally, Instagram is able to fetch more engagement compared to other social platforms. You can also buy Instagram video views today. Wish to Buy Instagram Video Views? You will get them in various price ranges.

Focus on storytelling

Instagram’s primary focus is always on telling a story. Humans have always been attracted to stories since childhood. As Instagram enables a brand to showcase its offerings in form of stories, it helps the business to fetch in higher engagement organically. And, higher engagement eventually leads to more conversions.

We will wind up the discussion with few pro tips to market your brand on Instagram-

  • Post more video contents than image ones 
  • Use relevant and targeted hashtags for all your posts and Stories
  • Don’t be too salesy with your posts
  • Post visually appealing and inspiring contents
  • Communicate and engage with visitors and followers regularly
  • Be regular and consistent with posts

How to Set Facebook Privacy

Facebook is a great way to keep up with friends, especially those who are far away, but you need to be careful to make sure you know just who can see personal details about your life. This is especially pertinent for parents who are concerned that their children may not be taking enough precautions to be safe on-line.

Step #0 – Don’t List More Than You Should!

This is step #0 because it’s by far the most important concept. If you don’t put something on-line, nobody can read it! It sounds obvious, but children especially can be very casual about putting personal information on their Facebook profile. Think carefully before putting your address and phone number in your profile information. If someone needs these details, they can always send you a message on Facebook asking for it.

Create Friends Lists

The first step is to create lists of friends. Although you don’t have to do this (you can set privacy for a specific person), it makes it easier to manage your privacy going forwards. Put a friend on a list and you know they can see exactly what everyone else on that list can see.

You probably have friends who fit in different categories. Some are family, some may be work colleagues, and others may be friends of friends. Depending on how open you are to adding friends, you could have people who are Facebook friends that you’ve never met. It pays to be prudent and verify that casual acquaintances can’t see more than you want them to see.

To create a friends list, click on Friends on your home page and then click the Edit Friends button. You’ll see a list of all your friends, and a button at the top of screen named Create a List. Enter a descriptive name for the list (e.g. Family or Work) and select people to add to that list. Remember you can add people to more than one list.

Set the Privacy

From your home page, click on Account and select Privacy Settings from the list. This will take you to where you can control who can see your information. Now you get to start using those lists!

Start with the Connecting on Facebook section at the top and click on View Settings. This will show you everything you can control, from your birthday and phone number to what you post as your status. Click on the button next to an item and you can now select Everyone, Friends, or other settings, including Custom. If you click on Custom, now you get to set everything. You can use lists to set exactly who can see what information, and who your information is hidden from. Start typing in the name of a friend or a list and Facebook will fill it in for you.

Go back to the Privacy screen and look at the next section, Sharing on Facebook. Click on the Customize settings button. This works the same way as the first section.

Take special note of a setting halfway down the screen, Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in. This can let people see where you are in real time. Unless you’re very sure of what this entails, I recommend you uncheck the Enable button.

Check It Out! (or, What Did I Forget?)

There are a lot of controls here, and it can be confusing at times. You’ll want to make sure you have set up the privacy controls exactly the way you meant to set them.

On any of the pages where you’ve been setting privacy, there is a Preview My Profile button and you will see a torguard promo code option which can be claimed right after the completion of checking and the coupon can be used for the purhcase. Click on this and it’ll show you what your Facebook profile looks like to most people. There’s also a space for you to type a friend’s name. Type in someone’s name here and instantly you’ll see what they’d see when they visit your page. Remember those lists? The really cool part is that if you preview what your page looks like for one person, you know that everyone who’s on the same lists will see the same view.

Be Aware

Facebook is a lot of fun, and you shouldn’t feel like you have no control just because you choose to be on Facebook. The most important point to keep in mind is to be aware of what you share, and stay in control.

As a pet lover, I prefer to adopt a shelter animal or take in a stray rather than pay for a designer dog, and always encourage others to do the same. If you can’t open your home to another pet, you can still help rescues around the country by passing along their information through your favorite social networking sites.

I’ve recently taken in a family of Jack Russell Terriers to foster and I’m using social networking to help place them in good homes.

Facebook can be used for much more than sharing jokes and photos with family and friends. It’s easy to search for and join groups and like pages about your favorite breed, then put your network to good use by sharing their posts. A simple click might help pets that are facing euthanasia, provide intra-state transports to fur-ever homes, and help raise funds for dogs and cats that require extensive veterinary care.

My own dogs, Molly and Jethro, even have their own Facebook page and help me to spread the word too.

Google+ can be utilized in much the same manner as Facebook, by clicking the button on a website to add that post, or by sharing posts already started by others.

Twitter is another networking medium that can have a far-reaching affect when helping animals in need. A lot can be said with just 140 characters, and retweets by your followers can increase that reach even further. If you use appropriate hashtags, your tweet will be in front of other like-minded pet lovers who will also retweet, so your original tweet’s readership has the potential to increase exponentially.

Pinterest is all the rage and the cuter the photo, the better its chances of going viral. Take a second to click on the pin button on your favorite rescue’s website, or if they don’t have one, take five seconds more to pin it yourself. Skip the food porn for a few minutes and do a search on Pinterest for rescue and foster organizations, then help them out by repinning the entries listed on their boards.

Good photos are essential to catch on at StumbleUpon too, so take it a step further and stumble the text and photograph of the adorable dog or cat that just showed up on your Facebook feed. Don’t forget to share it with your contacts on SU!

Make sure to use appropriate keywords when posting on the various social networking sites so that your posts can be found when someone searches for one of those terms.

Within minutes of my initial post on my Facebook wall about fostering the JRT family, not only did my friends share it, but their friends did as well. I found several rescue groups on Facebook, both general rescues in my area and nationwide organizations that are breed specific to the Jack Russell Terrier, and they are sharing the posts within their own networks. A post to a local group resulted in one puppy being placed that very evening. With the help of social media, I have no doubt that all of these dogs will find their fur-ever homes soon.

Dogs are called man’s best friend and for good reason, because you cannot find any other animal in existence who can match its loyalty and courage for standing up to its master. Therefore, it is the master’s duty as well to take care of them by providing them with shelter and nurture with love and affection. One way to do this, apart from facebook, is to get instagram likes at most competitive prices, so as to create awareness in the society.

While there are a number of different kinds of social media platforms that you can choose from, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you pick the right platform to promote your services or your page. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and there’s no denying that no matter how busy people are, they always end up visiting their facebook page at least once a day. 

This means if you have a popular page on this platform, it’s easier for you to get followers here as compared to any other social media platform. If you want to make sure that you get followers on facebook in no time then you can visit https://fbbureau.com/facebook/ so that you do not need to worry about wasting too much time in promoting your page. The best thing to do is to ensure that these followers are from a reliable website.

One of the best things about facebook is everyone is allowed to promote everything. With the help of facebook you will even be able to ensure that you no longer have to worry about investing in any other kind of marketing campaign. Facebook is known to have the smartest marketing campaign on the face of the earth. They have introduced the concept of behavioral marketing and this is something that has proven to be successful over the years. When you go ahead and put up your post on facebook you will see the difference it makes. When you are not using the facebook marketing service, you will get five or six likes on your post however using facebook’s service will take your likes into four or digits. This is something that will take your post to the next level and people will start noticing it.

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