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Are you in charge of a Valentine’s Day party this year? It is not always easy to find creative, new ideas. I have complied a list of some ideas that can easily be changed to fit your needs. Homemade is not only cheaper but more memorable so try to do it homemade first. These Valentine’s Day party ideas work for the school classroom, church party or for your home. All preschool and school age children love a party and as long as they are old enough to follow a few steps, most of the activities below do not have an age requirement. So as much as adults like to go to texas casino parties, kids have their own happiness too. And one of those is going to kids parties where they can play and have a good time with their friends.

Collage: As an art activity for the Valentine’s Day party, you could sit out sheets of purple, red and pink paper along with a white sheet of paper for each child. Also provide glue sticks and scissors and as many embellishments as you have, like glitter, gems etc. Have the children cut out hearts and glue them down on the white paper as a collage. For young children, have the hearts already cut out and eliminate glitter and extras until an adult can help them. I usually place globs of white glue on the paper and tell the younger children to “cover the glue”. This works well for them and they still feel like they made the collage themselves. This can be as small or as big of an activity at your Valentine’s Day party as you need it to be. Provide a lot of materiel’s if you want it to last longer.

Heart Game: You play this Valentine’s Day party game just like the pin the tail on the donkey game that we all know and love. The difference is that you draw a simple person on a poster board or large piece of paper as the “donkey”. Blind fold the children and have them try and pin the heart on the person’s chest. You can precut all the hearts and write the names of each child on each heart ahead of time. As simple as this game is, it is always one of the highlights of the Valentine’s Day party for the children.

Craft: This craft is a lot of fun for all ages and can be adapted as needed at your Valentine’s Day party. Give each child a clean baby food jar (lids not needed), a small bowl of watered down white glue, a paint brush and a pile of pink and purple cut up tissue paper. Have the children paint on the glue in sections and then cover the glue with the tiny pieces of tissue paper. As they cover the jar, they will need to paint over the tissue paper several times to seal the tissue and create a stained glass look. When it dries, you can provide each child with a votive candle to place in their jars and ribbon to tie around the neck of the jar. This is a very pretty gift to give their Valentine or other loved one. You can make this Valentine’s Day party craft with any glass container. You could make these for any holiday by changing the tissue paper color to a more appropriate color. It is a favorite of the recipients who find it not just beautiful but practical.

Favors: If you want to send everyone at your Valentine’s Day party home with a bag of goodies, the options are endless. Here is a list of some things that would make great party favors………..

* finger nail polish or nail manicure sets

* lip gloss

* make up kits of any kind

* red hot wheels or small cars

* key chains

* boxes of conversation hearts

* a small baggie of Hershey’s kisses

* small stuffed animals

* anything red, pink or purple

Relay: This fun Valentine’s Day party activity will be the talk of your party. It doesn’t matter the age of your party guests, everyone loves a funny relay with picture opportunities. You will divide your Valentine’s Day party guests into 2 teams. You will put a small glob of Vaseline on each person’s nose with a plate of precut paper hearts sitting close by. The racers must run down and tag the hand of a teammate while keeping a paper heart attached to their nose with Vaseline. They will transfer the heart with their hands but should not touch the paper heart otherwise. You can determine how far they run, a potential finish line etc.

You can add other fun games or activities to your Valentine’s Day party by adapting games and activities that you already know like musical chairs (musical hearts that they stand on) pie eating contests ( change the food to angel food cake) or anything you can imagine. You can name food to make it fun at your Valentine’s Day party like passion punch or cupid cookies with little name tents in front of each food.

Whatever you decide to use, keep it simple and think of how it would be more fun than the same old game and go from there. Have a great Valentine’s Day party!

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