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Finding myself a bit bloated after a meal and experiencing some knife-in-my-guts gas, I sat uncomfortably watching television. One of those played-a-million-times Activia yogurt commercials came on promising better digestive health in 14 days and I thought, what the hell, all I have is extreme discomfort and pain to lose. The yeast support supplement can be taken in the form of bread or beer. The results are visible from a long period on the health of the person. 

Just in case you haven’t seen those commercials (maybe you have no TV?) what is Activia yogurt?

Well, its yogurt. All yogurts contain a live bacterium that’s why all yogurts will actually help your digestive system. In fact, many doctors even tell patients on antibiotics to eat yogurt because it helps prevent diarrhea as a result of the medication induced death of your natural digestive bugs. Activia is supposedly special because it contains 3 kinds of bacteria. Even a bacteria they’ve given the ultra-cute name, (can you hear sarcasm in text?) Bifidus Regularis. Ironically Dannon’s badly written Activia website explaining what Bifidus Regularis is actually states that the yogurt is not “a treatment or cure for any medical disorder or disease” under their own FAQ in response to the question, “Does Activia prevent constipation or other digestive diseases?”, sounds like a bit of a “maybe” in clever words. However, marketing schemes and horrible websites aside, let’s get down to what we all really care about, does it work?

Did Activia yogurt actually regulate my digestive system?

Within 2 days I noticed Activia does make you poop. I’m not sure I’d call it an instant holy-crap-I-almost-crapped-my-pants laxative effect, but more a slow acting minor laxative. For some that might be super helpful, for gas and bloating not so much. I stuck with it anyway the whole 14 days even as skeptic as I am of a product that costs double what normal yogurt does. By day 14 the gas and bloating was lessened, but not gone. I didn’t have trouble pooping once a day to begin with so I can’t speak for its anti-constipational effects. All in all I’d say it worked about as good as your average, generic, cheap yogurt.

One thing I will give Dannon Activia yogurt is it tastes damn good. When I first opened it I thought to myself, “This looks weird”. I didn’t look quite like normal yogurt, more like yogurt that had been in the fridge way too long, but it tastes great. Like a creamier, more flavorful version of yogurt.

Would I recommend Dannon Activia yogurt?

I would recommend Dannon Activia on taste alone, as the superior taste for me warrants the cost difference because I don’t eat a lot of yogurt. I wouldn’t recommend it as a natural way to magically cure your digestional issues in 14 days, because that in my opinion it does not do.

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