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Gone is that old-time when games were just a means of entertainment; the gaming industry has expanded and is becoming a business and an income stream. More and more people are finding ways to make money from online games. And one such gaming sensation that has become a steady source of income is Pokémon Go. There are various types of goods and services that act as an income source for many people.

What are the types of services that can help you make an income?

Get someone to drive you around.

To enjoy Pokémon Go, you need to walk, and if you can’t commit to walking, then you can hire someone to drive you around and sit back peacefully while spinning pokéstops and raiding pokégyms. What’s more, the driver may offer you a discount if you bring a friend.

Selling Pokémon accounts

Over 50+ websites are selling pokemon go accounts for sale, and these accounts pack some of the most powerful beasts that can help you take down or defend pokégyms or capture the most powerful beasts in raids and ex-raids.


Some cities have also come up with a concept of a 24/7 pokébus that runs around the city and takes people to pokéstops, pokégyms, and also offer egg hatching services and have charging stations that help you keep your devices charged.

Pay someone to walk for you.

Students and young adults perform odd tasks to earn a handful of pocket money. And walking while playing Pokémon Go is also one of them, and it has become a popular trend to pay someone to walk with your Pokémon Go account and catch the little beasts and hatch pokéeggs for you.

Other ways to earn money through Pokémon Go are paying for hacks, selling your Poké account, etc. Pokémon Go is a fun game that allows a user to fill your pocket while enjoying a thrilling game.

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