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Since Fortnite is a really popular game, there are professional players that are earning good money through the game. There are several ways through which you can earn money as you play this amazing game.

  • Playing in 3rd party tournament is how you can not only earn good money but you can create fame for yourself as well. There are various Fortnite tournaments that are hosted around the globe all the time. There are decent cash prizes and live coverage of these tournaments that can fetch you popularity and fame.

  • There are several new players that buy Fortnite accounts, you can sell your upgraded Fortnite account to them as well. All these new players are always looking for accounts with players skins, gun skins, and other features that are really hard to acquire in the game that easily.
  • If you have a good gameplay and you want other people to see you play the game then you can even start streaming your game on Twitch or Youtube. This way you can earn a lot as you get more followers and audience. The players that watch your stream can even donate money as they watch your stream.
    On your stream, you can include affiliated links along with other advertising options so that you can make money off that as well. Besides that, you should also look for sponsors as that is really easy way for you to support your gaming.

  • With the growth in the eSports industry, there are eSports sponsorships that you can look forward to. These eSports also offer money to professional players so that they can focus on their games as well.
  • If you are really good at gaming then you can even start teaching new players about the tips and strategies that they can follow in order to improve their gameplay.
  • Lastly, there are several Game boosting services that are out there that you can be a part of. You can boost other players’ accounts and earn money from that as well.

Are you in charge of a Valentine’s Day party this year? It is not always easy to find creative, new ideas. I have complied a list of some ideas that can easily be changed to fit your needs. Homemade is not only cheaper but more memorable so try to do it homemade first. These Valentine’s Day party ideas work for the school classroom, church party or for your home. All preschool and school age children love a party and as long as they are old enough to follow a few steps, most of the activities below do not have an age requirement. So as much as adults like to go to texas casino parties, kids have their own happiness too. And one of those is going to kids parties where they can play and have a good time with their friends.

Collage: As an art activity for the Valentine’s Day party, you could sit out sheets of purple, red and pink paper along with a white sheet of paper for each child. Also provide glue sticks and scissors and as many embellishments as you have, like glitter, gems etc. Have the children cut out hearts and glue them down on the white paper as a collage. For young children, have the hearts already cut out and eliminate glitter and extras until an adult can help them. I usually place globs of white glue on the paper and tell the younger children to “cover the glue”. This works well for them and they still feel like they made the collage themselves. This can be as small or as big of an activity at your Valentine’s Day party as you need it to be. Provide a lot of materiel’s if you want it to last longer.

Heart Game: You play this Valentine’s Day party game just like the pin the tail on the donkey game that we all know and love. The difference is that you draw a simple person on a poster board or large piece of paper as the “donkey”. Blind fold the children and have them try and pin the heart on the person’s chest. You can precut all the hearts and write the names of each child on each heart ahead of time. As simple as this game is, it is always one of the highlights of the Valentine’s Day party for the children.

Craft: This craft is a lot of fun for all ages and can be adapted as needed at your Valentine’s Day party. Give each child a clean baby food jar (lids not needed), a small bowl of watered down white glue, a paint brush and a pile of pink and purple cut up tissue paper. Have the children paint on the glue in sections and then cover the glue with the tiny pieces of tissue paper. As they cover the jar, they will need to paint over the tissue paper several times to seal the tissue and create a stained glass look. When it dries, you can provide each child with a votive candle to place in their jars and ribbon to tie around the neck of the jar. This is a very pretty gift to give their Valentine or other loved one. You can make this Valentine’s Day party craft with any glass container. You could make these for any holiday by changing the tissue paper color to a more appropriate color. It is a favorite of the recipients who find it not just beautiful but practical.

Favors: If you want to send everyone at your Valentine’s Day party home with a bag of goodies, the options are endless. Here is a list of some things that would make great party favors………..

* finger nail polish or nail manicure sets

* lip gloss

* make up kits of any kind

* red hot wheels or small cars

* key chains

* boxes of conversation hearts

* a small baggie of Hershey’s kisses

* small stuffed animals

* anything red, pink or purple

Relay: This fun Valentine’s Day party activity will be the talk of your party. It doesn’t matter the age of your party guests, everyone loves a funny relay with picture opportunities. You will divide your Valentine’s Day party guests into 2 teams. You will put a small glob of Vaseline on each person’s nose with a plate of precut paper hearts sitting close by. The racers must run down and tag the hand of a teammate while keeping a paper heart attached to their nose with Vaseline. They will transfer the heart with their hands but should not touch the paper heart otherwise. You can determine how far they run, a potential finish line etc.

You can add other fun games or activities to your Valentine’s Day party by adapting games and activities that you already know like musical chairs (musical hearts that they stand on) pie eating contests ( change the food to angel food cake) or anything you can imagine. You can name food to make it fun at your Valentine’s Day party like passion punch or cupid cookies with little name tents in front of each food.

Whatever you decide to use, keep it simple and think of how it would be more fun than the same old game and go from there. Have a great Valentine’s Day party!

Gaming have gone far today. There are now many options for you to have exhilarating enjoyment in front of your favorite gaming console. GTA 5 mods Xbox 360 is available, for example, so you can enjoy one of the biggest mission games with great improvements. But what elements make a great mission game, to begin with? 

Here’s what the Best Mission Games have for Big Gaming Exciting 


  1. Exciting Gameplay – this is the most important element for any game. It must have a great gameplay, or the basic rules and objectives of playing the game. For a mission game to have good gameplay, it must have challenging missions, enough support and tools, as well as alluring movements a player can do among other features. 
  2. Great Characters – Characters in the best mission games aren’t simple elements which represents the player’ identity in the game world. Instead, they must have enough specified abilities, weapons and even compelling narratives or background stories. And this doesn’t only refer to characters which players can use, but includes in-game supporting characters too. 
  3. Compelling Plot – The best games run on compelling plots which tell wonderful stories. This doesn’t focus on the stories of characters alone, but includes the story of the entire game. This gives the game a good sense of direction, instead of characters merely running around or killing other characters. 
  4. Huge but Reasonable Game World – Now, you can’t talk about great stories without excellent setting. In games, this is all about the game world or map. The best mission games have a full world or map where the characters can move. It must give enough challenges, but is reasonable enough for players to complete. 


These are only few essential elements of the best mission games today. It gives mission games enough excitement, so players like you can have a great time on your favorite console. 

For those of you old enough to remember when video games had 8-bit graphics, you probably remember playing some of your favorite games on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. At the same time, you might also recall the kind of sensation that judi baccarat online used to be. In the past few years, numerous famous titles from the NES have begun to re-emerge in updated versions with better graphics. The following is Paddy’s Top Ten Nintendo Games that Need to be Resurrected:

  •  Dragon Warrior (1989): This was the first RPG that I ever played and I must say it was awesome! This was the kind of RPG where you would have to grind for experience to level up because you would accidently walk into an area and get completely smashed from a higher level opponent. The story was great and it was incredibly addicting. With updated graphics, this game could be a great hit!
  •  Kirby: Dream Land (1992): Who has ever played a Kirby game and not felt intoxicated. The bouncing, floating pink blob that sucks, swallows, and spits his enemies out with vigor. He has not had many appearances since the NES, other than the Super Smash Bros series and a Nintendo 64 game. Please! Bring him back, Nintendo!
  • Contra (1988): Contra was arguably the best side-scrolling shooter that Nintendo ever created. Basically, they put Sylvester Stallone in the Alien movie and BAM! You have this game. Now, imagine this game, with such a huge cult following, being thrown on the market over two decades after the original. New graphics, more guns, and new story would put this game back on the market for the younger generation to enjoy. Xbox has offered an improved version of the original on Xbox Live but it needs to be remade.

  • Metal Storm (1991): Like a mechwarrior on crack, you pilot a M-308 Gunner mech that could defy gravity at a whim, flipping from floor to ceiling at a whim. The run-and-gun puzzle game that involved you smashing through waves of robotic adversaries. While there has been many imitators, this game had some of the best graphics for the NES. This one deserves to be updated immediately.
  • Crystalis (1990): Another one of my personal favorites from older times, this game was a masterful blend of post-nuclear apocalypse and fantasy. You play a hero looking to recover four elemental swords that can be used to create the Crystalis sword. This game played the story through its ending with perfect, classic poise and made you want to start all over to see it again.
  • Ice Climbers (1985): This game was released the fall that I was born thus, it holds a special place in my heart. The only appearance that Popo and Nana have made since their 1985 debut was in the Super Smash Bros series and thus they are in desperate need of a come back. What other game did you get to scale mountains with a hammer to smash little enemies looking to impede your quest for the summit?
  • Little Nemo: The Dream Master (1990): It is understandable to have forgotten this little jewel amidst that masses of video games that were cranked out in that year. However, for any of you who have ever seen the movie, this movie and game would make a great new game. It seems a little childish as you run around Slumberland in footie pajamas but Slumberland is a dangerous place… with a little creativity, this game would rock!

  • VICE: Project Doom (1991): This is really three games in one, as there was driving levels, sniper levels, and the standard side-scrolling alien ass-kicking shooter/melee actions. The story was almost completely non-existent but with today’s creative drive for story-propelled video games, VICE could easily make a comeback that would turn this classic into a new hit.
  • Lode Runner (1987): Such a simple premise for such a complex game of strategy and action. The basic principle was to run around the caves and ladders with nothing but a brick-vaporizing ray gun that you could use to bury your enemies alive and take their gold. Pretty much, it was an earlier version of Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider, without the guns, lions, or boobs. Nevertheless this game allowed you to make your own levels and is just as addictive today as it was 23 years ago. Make a New One!
  • Journey to Silius (1990): My number one pick was the almost Terminator game known as Journey To Silius, the fast-paced action, 2-D shoot ’em up. Created by Sunsoft, you will see many Terminator references such as the music and some of the enemies, however, they lost the license. Thank the Maker, they did not scrap this game. This game is for those with the fastest of reflexes. It needs to be remade into a 3D shooter and then will all the world play this gem hidden in the ruffage of mediocrity.

That’s it, everybody! Leave comments on other games from the NES that you would like to see remade for the modern gaming system. Enjoy! Also note, that all of these games can be played on your computer if you download an NES emulator for your Mac or PC.

There are many games on Facebook, a major part of Facebook’s appeal. I’ve played a broad range of them since joining Facebook over two years ago, everything from Zoo World to Wedding Street to Pet Society to Restaurant City to Birdland and beyond. Yet none of these other games compare with Zynga’s recent addition to their broad library of Facebook games: Castleville. The ConsoleBoost will increase the performance at the game with less effort. The downloading of the game will be free for the pro players.

I first learned about Castleville through “Good Morning America” when they aired a special segment about the game-and offered a Castleville freebie through the GMA Facebook page: a flowered flag pole with pennant. Upon receiving my flagpole, the first non-player character encountered in the game, The Duke, walked me through the game’s initial tutorial covering how to construct your personalized avatar and helping you through the first quest or two which are all about building your first houses to tax, your first castle walls (which contribute to your castle score) , and learning how to cultivate resources like wood and stone from your kingdom.

Unlike most of the games I’ve played on Facebook, Castleville presents a realistic experience to its challenges. Buildings are built with supplies the player obtains through a combination of social networking with other Castleville players (in the form of wall posts which neighbors click on to send to you) and resources gleaned within the game. Early play allows you to build with raw wood and stone from trees and boulders the game provides, but soon requires you to purchase and build crafting buildings like workshops, kitchens, and studios and crafting support buildings which generate finished resources like stone blocks from the quarry, diamonds from the jeweler, meat from the butcher, bread dough from the bakery, and flour from the mill. Animal products like milk, eggs, wool, meat, feathers, and mink oil are generated by raising calves, chicken chicks, lambs, piglets, peafowl chicks, and baby minks respectively to adulthood. Once an animal is an adult, it produces without killing the animal all of the aforementioned animal products which are then utilized in crafting projects. Gardens offer crops that must be planted as seeds, and then harvested according to a specified schedule before being available for use.

Unlike restaurant city, it is not enough to simply harvest the raw ingredients. A gold brick, for example, is made of alchemy powder (obtained as a reward for visiting neighbors) and stone blocks. Stone blocks are made from raw stone which have to be mined by the player. Spaghetti is made from tomatoes, wheat, and flax seed oil. Flax seed oil is made from raw flax in a separate step from cooking the spaghetti. Leather is made in the studio from cow hide (a more rare product from feeding adult cows) and flax seed oil made in the kitchen.

This multi-step process makes the game believable; we all know that it’s rare we can produce anything from something else in its purely raw state. Produce must be cleaned, pealed (in many cases), chopped, and so forth before we can cook it. Metals must be extracted from ores. Yarn must be spun before we can knit something. In emulating this real life process, the game takes on a very realistic feel-even while our characters are attacked by villains!

Yet for all of this, it is perhaps the customized avatar that makes this game most personal and engaging. Avatars in Castleville are far more customizable than in any game I’ve ever seen. Hairstyle, face shape, eyes, body shape, upper body clothing, lower body clothing, even headdress are all customizable to help the player create an avatar that truly looks like oneself. Some default clothing choices are available from the beginning, but most styles are purchased by the players using either game coins or real money (in the form of purchased crowns). Once obtained, each article of clothing offers customizable primary and secondary color choices. Styles readily mix and match according to player taste. It is a truly personal and dynamic part of the game.

Put together, Zynga’s Castleville game is one of the most interesting and believable fantasy role playing games I’ve encountered since playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition with my college pals using pencils and dice. As a purist to the old pencil and dice, I find Castleville to be a refreshing online gaming experience-one you ought to try if you have not played it yet!

At one time, there must have been a clause for most A-list movie stars to always keep their countenance recognizable, no matter how much makeup they had to wear in their roles. Even if there never was such a clause, many actors possibly took it upon themselves to be recognizable for the sake of box office returns. And you can see evidence of that throughout film history, with only just a few exceptions where being unrecognizable garnered an Oscar nomination.

Today, it’s almost the same, along with the same exceptions. Only the most daring of actors such as Robert Downey, Jr. risked applying black prosthetics to look like an African-American in “Tropic Thunder.” And whether you think James Franco is of the same caliber of Downey, Jr., you could say he’s on the same track of looking like someone else other than himself after previously looking all too much like himself.

Well, a performance is only good if it is appealing to the audience and that is why method actors score over superstars due to them getting into the skin of the character easily as they believe in the theory that acting is all about ‘not acting’ but simply giving natural expressions as though you are living the character and that is why James Franco and Downey are underrated due to the current audience not understanding this facet of acting. So you won’t find many Franco films on cyberflix apk than you do of his successful counterparts.

No matter what you think of Franco as Oscar Diggs, aka “Oz the Great and Powerful”, his role as Alien in “Spring Breakers” might end up being notable or a footnote, all based on how he disguises himself to the point of being unrecognizable. If not for the publicity and the cast list, chances are you wouldn’t even know it’s Franco playing a gangster rapper in the above film.

Of course, if “Spring Breakers” becomes a sleeper hit due to its prurient reputation, it may set a new precedent for actors wanting to cover their entire faces in prosthetic makeup. But there’s such a thing as doing so for the sake of making an actor look like a strange hybrid of themselves and someone else. No other better example could be made than with Sir Anthony Hopkins playing the Master of Suspense in recent “Hitchcock.”

It was clear Hopkins was trying to look recognizable by doing away with placing a prosthetic double chin onto his face. Had he done that, he would have looked far more like Hitchcock. What would happen, though, if Hopkins ever smothers himself in makeup to completely disguise his identity?

He’s likely at the point in his career now where he wouldn’t. Franco, though, is still young enough where he can change the literal face of acting by hiding under hardcore garb and polar opposite personality. The only risk he ever faces is likely far off in the future in the event he ever becomes a has-been actor.

Imagine if you will the scenario of someone running across “Spring Breakers” on cable 10 years from now. In a fabricated scenario of Franco being forgotten (I know, fat chance), there may be the problem of a new generation equating Franco with the way he looks in the film. That only happens, though, if IMDb doesn’t happen to celebrate a 30th year in existence.

The very worst scenario is in the Internet rumoring mill. What happens if rumors persist that it wasn’t even Franco in the role and someone else a la an Andy Kaufman stunt? Such a scenario can only be proved with DVD extras showing otherwise, unless Franco was so method that he stayed in character the entire time.

No matter where Franco goes in his roles, he may be more of an important acting force than anybody thinks. Reprising the art of being an acting chameleon takes away the immediate assumed presumption that people go see movies just to see the familiar face of a favorite actor.

Mardi Gras brings thousands of visitors to New Orleans, LA every year. The Northern part of Louisiana is often overlooked when tourists want a real “taste” of the Cajun lifestyle; however, there are some excellent opportunities for fun and excitement in the great city of Shreveport that I have seen in virtuallity while using gyroscope for the poker qq online websites. Don’t believe me? Come on down and see for yourself!

Mudbug Madness

There was a time in 1984 when two dedicated Cajuns were tired of the stereotypes that were put on North Louisiana which caused people to think that they were not Cajuns, but instead “lost Texans”. In and effort to prove their true Louisiana heritage, they began what is now called Mudbug Madness. Mudbug Madness is an annual festival that is held on Memorial Day weekend and it is one of the largest crawfish boils in Louisiana. While visiting this four day long event you will enjoy live music and dancing and all the hot, steaming crawfish you can eat! You are sure to meet some new friends there as well since Mudbug Madness is now bringing in about 56,000 people to the festival each year! Don’t forge to bring the kids! There are games, contests and activities, including clowns, magicians and jugglers to keep the kiddies busy.

Feelin’ Lucky?

The dice are hot and the slots are paying off in Shreveport! You can chose from any one of the five dockside riverboat casinos on the Red River. Shreveport’s Horseshoe Casino features 24-hours of gaming fun and excitement. Locals say the Horseshoe is the place to be for slots and video poker. They have boasting rights with their over 50 gaming tables and over 1500 slot machines!

Looking for a more exotic feel? Visit the Isle of Capri casino located right on the Red River. Dine in one of the Isle’s four divine restaurants or sip on a drink from the Coconut Bay Poolside Bar.

Boomtown Casino in Shreveport makes you “Feel Like A Winner!” That is the slogan at Boomtown and with over 30,000 square feet of pure gaming excitement; you better believe it is true!

Harrah’s Louisiana Down’s features live simulcast thoroughbred racing for the horse racing enthusiast. Racing doesn’t get more luxurious than this; with its glass enclosed and air conditioning viewing of the races. Not a racer? Harrah’s also has around 1,400 slot machines to choose from, so no matter what your gaming passion, you can enjoy yourself at Harrah’s. Also, come and check out “The Price Is Right” Harrah’s style!


After all the food and fun, you might be looking to relax a bit. You will be able to sit back and watch a one of a kind movie at the Sci-Port Discovery Center’s IMAX Dome theater, but don’t plan on relaxing! This is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences that you will ever have! The IMAX in Shreveport is one of only 28 IMAX theaters in the United States and is sure to amaze you. It features a huge 60 foot domed screen and uses only the most technologically advanced projection equipment. You will be tempted to reach out and touch the images that you see before you and don’t be surprised if you jump and dodge the things that appear to be coming right for you!

Looking for something a bit more refined?

The Red River Revel is an arts festival that is held annually in Shreveport. It has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America and was named in Sunshine Artists Magazine as one of the top 100 fine arts festivals. It was also recognized by “Triple A” and was one of the top twenty events listed with the Southeastern Tourism Society.

You will be one of the 200,000 people to visit this eight day festival of the arts and enjoy great food and family fun. The festival attracts some of the top musical entertainment as well. Names like Trick Pony, Marcia Ball, The Lost Trailers, and AI “Lil Fats” Jackson have been some of the cameos at the Red River Revel.

The festival’s purpose is to honor and display some of the finest visual and performing arts in the country. You will also enjoy some of the activities that are planned in the area along with the Red River Revel, such as the Red River Revel Bass Classic, and the Ran Kipper Memorial Photo Scavenger Hunt. Bring the kids, there is a special set up for the children with games and activities and even special live music.

No matter what your tastes, the great city of Shreveport has something for you. Come and spend an exciting weekend gambling or enjoy a quiet stay at one of the old fashioned bed and breakfasts. The jazz music can be heard all over town and is quite alluring, come and see for yourself, why the Shreveport is the place to be!

A deck is one of the great investments that will surely able to add value to the house. A lot of manufacturers are out there that is manufacturing the deck using a natural wood and other prominent material. Finding a genuine material of the deck can be challenging task for a person. Different types of decks are out there and wood is one of them that are catching the attention of homeowners. It is little bit expensive option that cost $225. 

 If you are searching for the heavier and expensive decking material then wood would be reliable option for you. Plenty of sites are out there where you will able to purchase the composite decking material with ease. One should always opt for a composite decking material according to the budget. Following are 2 vital ways that will help you in selecting the right composite decking material.  

  • Low maintenance charges 

Make sure that you are investing money in the eco composite decking that is proven to be great than others. You will find a lot of people are investing money in the composite decking because a person will not have to pain on a regular basis. Make a contact with a professional seller who will able to offer the decking that is manufactured using synthetic high quality material. Ultimately, composite will able to save the money, energy and time in the long run. 

  • Durable 

It would be better to purchase the wood deck according to the quality of material. A high-quality decking material will last for almost 30 years. 

Moving further, nothing is better than composite material because it will surely able to perform quite better than original one. All you need to invest money in the special composite material. 

Most of the time an ad is just going to be more annoying than anything. However, there are some out there on the world wide web that unfortunately comes to collect your information for spamming and sometimes even have you download software that leads to spyware and sometimes viruses.

Be cautious where you click. An extremely common kind of ad that you will see is one that tells you something like you are the 1000th visitor and have won a free laptop. Where exactly does this take you? I have never seen a legitimate place that this kind of ad takes you to that was giving away a laptop. They just want your information. You may also notice that there are ads that ask you to do something, such as race a car by clicking on the ad. Most of these kinds of ads are looking to get your information too so they can sell it to companies who want to spam you, unfortunately. This is where you can use an alternate email address that you can use if you visit any new website. This way spammers would not be able to find email address that you use for personal use. You can protect yourself from spam emails and other cybersecurity issues as well. 

Thankfully a rearer ad is one that is, even more, deceiving than the free laptop giveaway. These ads are known as layer ads and they are designed to look like a message from your operating system. I have never encountered one myself, as a work at home mom who does a lot on the computer I try and have up to date anti-virus software for these sort of things. I do know people who have encountered this kind of “ads.” These are the ads that mislead you into downloading software that is full of spyware and potentially can give you viruses.

If you suspect that what you are viewing is this sort of ad don’t click it. Fraudulent advertisers are finding more and more ways to slip through the cracks of pop-up blockers and other ad recognizing programs. Enable your pop-up blocker, if your browser offers that feature, to minimize the number of pop-up ads that you will encounter.

The standard ads like banners, buttons, and text links will still completely exist on the internet. There isn’t a whole lot that you could do about that. Some people who truly hate advertising will donate money to forums, some forums offer this option, so they won’t have ads displayed on that forum while they are logged in to their account. It is in the interest of the forum to offer this because the money that they would have potentially made from the ads the user may have clicked equals out to what the user donates. The user is happy to support the forum they enjoy visiting and doesn’t want to deal with ads so they don’t mind paying. Some anti-virus programs can eliminate certain ads with certain options chosen.

Something that can help you with the annoyance with ads is to disable Java and/or Javascript within your internet browser. It is best to enable it for some sites that use it to provide navigation. Dropdown menus are only one example of how Javascript is used to navigate through a site.

There is no easy way to avoid internet advertising if there was there wouldn’t be an internet because it needs internet advertising to survive.

Here’s the harsh reality of my life: Because I have a history of diabetes in my family, keeping my weight at a healthy level is a must. But, getting to the gym on a regular basis is pretty much impossible and, even though I have attempted to create a home gym of my own, space concerns really limit what I can do and, let’s be honest; running on a treadmill gets boring pretty quickly.

That’s why, when I saw Wii Fit on the store shelf the other day, I just had to buy it. Sure, it came to roughly $90 with tax. But, after giving it a try, I found it was definitely worth every penny.

The best way to describe the Wii Fit to you is it’s an entire home gym that can slide under your couch once you’re done. More importantly, it’s like having your very own live-in personal trainer.

A trainer for which you can entrust your entire body and cultivate it from a godown of diseases into a healthy frame which will prove to be a benchmark for all the budding body builders out there who are not able to get the desired physique even after regular practice. Wii fir is a far better alternative rather than wasting time searching for situs judi online terpercaya that have little to offer except a bad habit of gambling and a weakness to play even at the slightest provocation.

The balance board for the game looks a bit like a large bathroom scale and everything you do is done either on that board or right next to it.

When you first start the game up, you have an electronic version of the board walking you through a basic fitness assessment. You enter your height and age and then you step on the board and it tests your posture and your weight.

The first thing I learned about the Wii Fit is, unlike most real personal trainers, it doesn’t sugar coat anything. First, I found my posture isn’t the greatest (I put more weight on my left side) and I got a stern lecture about the dangers of bad posture.

Secondly, it gave me my body mass index measurement which, even though there’s a disclaimer in the book that says it’s not always the most accurate assessment, is what the game uses to monitor your progress. Because I’m not very active during the winter and just started exercising again, I’ll confess my BMI was a little higher than the recommended 25 or less. I figured the game would tell me this and then move on. Instead, I got the message “you are overweight.” And, just so the point didn’t get across the first time, it took my Mii (a little character that you can design to look like yourself) and widened its bottom half so it looks like it has a gut.

When it did that, I didn’t know whether to laugh or be insulted. But, I have to admit it motivated me to continue.

After the initial two exams, you take a fitness assessment that involves you balancing yourself on the board while trying to move two red lines into a blue section for three seconds. And, based on your performance, the game gives you your fitness age. Mine was 49; 17 years more than my actual age of 32. And, after telling me this, it once again told me I was out of shape (you know, in case the gut on my Mii wasn’t enough to convince me).

At this point, you are given the chance to set your fitness goal; you can select how much weight you want to lose and pick a target date for losing it (I set mine at 5 pounds in one month). The game then offers to keep track of your progress for you.

All of this takes about 20 minutes to a half hour and then you are allowed to choose your personal trainer (male or female) and can begin “training.”

At first, you are only given a few exercises in each of the four categories; yoga, strength, aerobics and balance. But, as you do the exercises, you gain points that unlock new ones. Normally, I don’t like games that require you to do this. But, in this case, I think it makes a bit of sense considering you don’t want to start with exercises that would be too advanced for you.

Some of the exercises on the Wii Fit are much harder than others. Some of the yoga poses, for example, would probably have me falling flat on my face and, because I can’t seem to keep the rhythm, I have issues with the basic step class too.

Other exercises on the game are both fun and definitely get your heart racing. My wife and I, for example, spend a great deal of time doing the hula hooping (with the shades closed on the window just so the neighbors don’t think we’re having a seizure) and I really like the running stage because, even though you’re really just running in place, your Mii is actually running along a nice scenic trail (you don’t get that on a treadmill). And, since you are supposed to keep pace with the guy in front of you without passing him, you know you’re running hard enough to get your heart rate up but not fast enough to injure yourself.

I can definitely vouch for the game working. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and have lost a little under four pounds and feel like I have a bit more energy. What’s even more amazing is how the Wii Fit motivates me to exercise even when I don’t have time to use it. Somehow, just knowing I’m going to eventually be playing it again and weighing in again makes me go out of my way to watch what I eat and do some sort of activity (like walking or gardening) so I don’t embarass myself later. I have yet to find a gym that does the same for me.

Maybe after a few weeks my Mii will finally lose that gut.